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Dr. Dre Ft. Snoop Dogg

  • Still Dre

    Snoop Doggy dogg
    Still Snoop Dogg and D R E
    Still.. still doing that shi*t, right?

    Oh for show, check me out
    It`s still Dre Day A K
    Before I chrom the lot, can`t keep it home a lot
    Cause wh...

Open Hand

  • 11th Street

    As we lie here in bed Your eyes run right through me Did you hear what I said I`m falling I`m falling down Falling down She said And I thought that you would listen We were not meant to end I still dont know What we alway...

Mental Crypt

  • Black Hole

    Agony my only friend, rapes my twisted mind I am under siege of nightmare, creeping from behind In blind frustration, scream out the hate Frantic convulsion, I`m chained by fate What`s the reason to be born When your soul is ripp...


  • Silence

    Give me release
    Witness me
    I am outside
    Give me peace

    Heaven holds a sense of wonder
    And I wanted to believe
    That I`d get caught up
    When the rage in me subsides

    In this white ...


  • Akn Bad

    [fiend] Uh huh. Thats them there. Thats them there. [fiend/skull duggery] Im akn bad, akn bad, yes I am, yes I am Im akn bad, akn bad, we akn bad Im akn bad, akn bad, we akn bad Im akn bad, akn bad, we akn bad [skull ...

Intellignet Hoodlum (Tragedy)

  • Street Life

    A baby has a baby and she`s wonderin how and Gotta take care of a newborn child and All alone because the fathers out whilin No time for school, she dropped that lesson I guess you can say, the schools out of the question Moms flipped at her, put the g...


  • Thuderbolt

    Clash of the tempest
    And I heard the sound loudly crying:

    Gather, Iґm the failure redeem
    And the secret within
    Iґll be fleeting for Iґm everlasting
    Iґm the shame of the proud
    Iґm the symptom and the cu...

Black Rose

  • Gothic Rain

    She sold her soul today
    I feil it slip away
    I can`t believe she`s gone
    God, how long did it take
    It`s raining, my lover, in my heart (come home)

    My mind starts feeding on itself
    As I die awake at night<...

Mental Home

  • (wish For) Pagan Freedom

    I wish to fly and pierce the rain clouds, To face the dawns and sunsets, To see the lights and darkness, But all this passed now...

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