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Half-A-Mill f AZ

  • Quiet Money

    [Half-A-Mill] Quizzer saucer intention, glide in a hummer with the flying saucer engine Willied out in my crib in the winter havin cookouts Smack my whiz, look out I`m like barnerbust, crap niggas try to conquer us They mad, cuz they jump outta cabs an...


  • Black Lady

    [music: F. Torchia-C. Rosso/lyrics: Desdemona] Small frightened man what will befall you tomorrow? small frightened man afraid of the moment when you have to die you won`t be able to tell night from day and the earth doesn`t care...

Skinner and Baddiel and The Lightning Se

  • Three Lions

    It`s coming home, it`s coming home, it`s coming football`s coming home x4 Everyone seems to know the score, They`ve seen it all before They just know, They`re so sure, That England`s going to throw it away, Gonna blow it away But...


  • Desdemonia

    Oppressed instincts Please, let me breath Thoughts in delirium Blindens my sight Ripping off my wings Destroying every hope Freezing resistance Down in my hole I`ll taste your blood with revenge Disgraced spirits, drown in lies I...

Skinny Puppy

  • Addiction

    desperate deranged talking in my sleep again eyes twitch retain a sentimental something looked lorn and we burned and burned I was a cinder body soul in my dreams breakdown amidst the mixtures avoid addictive plea responding disil...

Юлианна Караулова и Савичева

  • Believe me

    Believe me, I just don`t care
    If you look away or stare,
    If you choose to go or stay:
    Don`t believe me, I pray!

    In my head - every day, everywhere - oh, no
    You and I can talk, and I sound colder.

Яковлев Антон

  • Кресты

    Ах, кресты, вы мои кресты, растинулись на пол версты, за кирпичной, да за стеной, горемычный противник мой, ты, мой кореш меня прости, залетел ты, по глупости, по Неве тарохтят суда, пару месяцев до суда...

Hi-Ha Tremblay

  • Le Temps d`une Dinde

    Bonsoir c`est moi Hi-ha Tremblay, (bis)
    Est-ce que sa vous tente de chanter, (bis)
    Est-ce que vous Лtes de bonne humeur, (bis)
    Est-ce que vous Лtes un rКpondeur, (bis)

    Voici r`venu le temps des fЛtes, (bis)

Isley Brothers, The

  • Contagious

    (Ron Isley - verse 1)
    It`s 2 a.m.
    just getting in
    about to check my message
    no one has called
    but my homies
    and some bill collectors
    cellular rings
    somebody wants to borrow money
    I 2-way her<...

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