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  • Bo! Bo! Bo!

    Bo Bo Bo Clack Clack Clack Clack Clack Get your street knowledge every posse know that come again Bo Bo Bo Clack Clack Clack Clack Clack The only way to deal with racism if you`re black Well, seven in the morning I woke up to jog Rushed out the door t...

Busta Rhymes f Mase, Puffy, Rampage

  • The Body Rock

    [Puff Daddy] See when we like to make you shake your ass, move your hips So we gonna do a little something like this Flipmode, Bad Boy Check this out Tell me how it feels, is it hot is not Does it drop cash like a slot Does it stay streeted go pop Ch...


  • Arsenal

    naive little pieces of what they tried to teach her quiet and protected slightly anorexic (She Waits) she`s a time bomb, with her vibe on she`s gonna use it and surprise them she`s a time bomb, with her vibe on they`ll never kno...

Елена Казанцева

  • Айседора Дункан

    Елена Казанцева

    О, Айседора Дункан, не пощадили тебя

    Ни муженек-хулиган, ни хулиганка-судьба.

    О, Айседора Дункан, твой сумасшедший Париж

    Всю ночь танцует канкан, а ты над ми...

Игорь Саркисов

  • Подводная лодка

    От флагмана до берега четыре тыщи метров.
    От флагмана до берега четыре сотни волн.
    А под водой, а под водой ни снега и ни ветра.
    А под водой, а под водой гудит железный холм.

    Это лежит на левом борту на каменном дн...

Monty Ballou

  • Storybook Ball

    Up in Mother Goose`s book up in the nursery,
    Simple Simon says I`m feelin` mighty sad
    Said Peter Piper`s daughter,
    So am I, I thing we outhta -
    do somthing that would make the kiddies glad
    Smarty Smarty, said


  • All You Ever Needed

    ( You got me wrong, completely wrong You got me wrong, completely wrong ) I hope you`re happy where you are You`ve been heading there for some time It`snot like you to complain But then it`s not like you imagined life has changed but you shouldn`t do...


  • Timeless Love

    Though we`ll never live this Moment again
    The clock is tickin away in vain
    Time itself has chased us down
    But we`ve tricked it at it`s own Game
    Nothing to keep me from you

    I don`t have to see you everyday

Buckshot f Top Dog Big Kahuna

  • Boom Bye Bye

    [Buckshot] I`m about to be a millionaire Money on the street, like doves Hustlin my lyrics like drugs, I find it bug Muthafuckas always gotta lock the safe, but they don`t do jay But anyway, it`s another day, another dollar to earn, more weed to burn I...

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