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Wyclef Jean f Cassidy, Patti LaBelle

  • Celebrate

    [Wyclef] Ladies and gentleman, the preacher`s son Patti LaBelle is in the building [Wyclef] Let`s celebrate, have a basement party A barbeque how we used to do On the avenue, have a family reunion Man, how I miss those days When the kids was kids, no...


  • Hair...

    She asked him why... why I`m a hairy guy I`m hairynoon an nighty night night my hair is a fright i`m hairy high and low but dont ask me why cause he don`t know it`s not for lake or bread, like the grateful dead darling give me a...


  • Black Snake SisterLuxuriaLust

    when the evil sea starts to gorge the sun blood red shadows fall, swallow your last call the greedy laugh of sin catches you while you run drunken passion awaits you in the night awful sin spits the plaque over the land feel the ...

Cox Deborah

  • Call Me

    Someone who loves you Wants to give you all you`ve been searching for I`ve been here waiting You don`t have to look around anymore Don`t you know To you I give my all I`ll dry those tears when they fall If you just ask me to My be...


  • 850 Double Pumper Holley

    "ten to one piston Two-ninety-two to five-o-one camshaft The heads at two er two fourteen one-eighty-one valves Bronze cast Theyve been er bow ported Eight-fifty-double-pumper-holley Eight-fifty-double-pumper-holley Ei...

Bloodhoud Gang

  • Uuuu

    When I saw you I thought i must dream But I did not. When I heared you I thought I hear an Angel speak But I did not. When I spoke to you I thought it wil be good But it came the other Way.

Cox Peter

  • Ain`t Gonna Cry Again

    You`re a mystery to me You make your own reality And I wonder who you are beneath your skin Guess I`ll never know for sure But I was save behind my door Can`t think how I let you talk your way back in Should have known better then...

Crack Jaw

  • Danger

    Running away from the spotlights The vision of dreams becomes real Shadows chase : I`m in the final race I`ve been framed I ain`t guilty But now I`m serious case Pray for me the world`s my enemy Night hide my figures or I will be...

Gipsy Kings

  • A Mi Manera

    Yo se que no vendras
    Por eso ya
    Tanto la oblido
    Dejan un nuevo amor
    Tanto mejor
    Ay como el mio
    Dejar y la vive
    Ay deste mundo de tristessa
    Dejar y la vive
    Ay mi manera


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