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Spring Heeled Jack

  • Big Stone Cowboy

    There`s a man who comes from night Never born to see the light Uses shadowns as his bed As he walks among the dead Father reared him as a child Never feared he be so wild He always thought he`d use his sense But tough love has con...

The Wilsons

  • Candy

    I saw her there at the back of the bus slipping in and out of consciousness Some guy was blowing smoke into her mouth laughing with a madman`s look on his face and she was smiling She was on cloud eight missing her stops playing ...

Dr. Evil

  • Hard Knock Life

    (spoken) Take the base line out! No? You don`t have to. Bounce wit it! (it`s the hard knock life for us, it`s the hard knock life for us, `stead of treated, we get tricked, `stead of kisses, we get kicked.

Mike Rutherford

  • A Day to Remember

    Theres a light in every window And its shining on your door Its put there to remind you Of what you must answer for Have you never had this feeling Theres nothin you must hide No day to remember No day to recall Every da...

Dr. Feelgood


    (B. Troupe) If you ever plan to motor west Travel my way, the highway that`s the best Get your kicks on Route 66 It winds from Chicago to L.A. More than 2,000 miles all the way Get your kicks on Route 66 Now you go thru St.

Springfield Dusty

  • Broken Blossoms

    adapted by Springfield-Gray (1967) I walk where once the grass was green, And mourn the lark that sings no more, What bird could sing who`s eyes have seen, Broken blossoms on the field of war.

Springfield Rick

  • (if You Think You`re) Groovy

    Now I can tell you how I feel, a broken heart is this for real There`s still so much for me to do, and to know, and to be and to feel Chorus: If you think you`re groovy, you don`t even move me There`s no denying, if you dare to b...

The Windows

  • Tell Me Baby

    I`m wishing that I could go back to the good times I once knew. Running away and playing all day out in the blue under the trees in a summer breeze the sunlight shinig through buttercup days in a tall grass maze with you.

The Wombles

  • Banana Rock

    Ooh la la la la hey banana don`t you slip on the skin. Ooh la la la la hey banana. Womble up the rubbish and put it in the bin. We have the solution to the polution I think it is easy to guess. It is so amazing.

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