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Stani and Zacharias

  • Kastagnetten Und Kastanien

    Verse : Deine schönen Träume nur von fernen Ländern kenne ich gut weil in deinem Herzen diese alte Sehnsucht immer noch ruht.


  • Layne

    i heard today that you were gone i had to stop and sing along the song they played to say goodbye a song they gave, give me back life [chorus] you`ll never fade the words you gave my life you saved your name was layne...


  • A New BeginningPanterei Part III

    Years have past Waters ran softly The sea is calm tonight The tide was full Sweet is the nightair On broken wings you can`t fly Seven years We both were parted Once an innocent mind In delay there lies no plenty Years have past Wa...

Stankas T Bone

  • Existential Blues

    EXISTENTIAL BLUES Tom T-Bone Stankus The elusive butterfly has just tiptoed past my door My bonny likes the Yankees, she says hey t-bone what`s the score? I say well, Reggie got 1 and 1 and 3 and 25 is 6 to 4 Is the left win...

Stanley Brothers

  • Bootleg John

    In the land of Breathed County was raised a crooked man Made the county dry and the prices high For the bootleg whiskey man His age was barely twenty-one, his family was ashamed They had a son who left his home For a bootleg whis...


  • Call Of The Wild

    [Words: Orjatsalo] [Music: Keranen] Time, only time, but it`s flowing Covering our lives with its sand Memories, flashbacks, from the time that`s passed Slowly, mind fades, it happened too fast Going back to that silent vale Wher...

Warren G f Sissel Kyrkjebo [Album Versio

  • Prince Igor *

    * (Polovtsian Dances from Prince Igor by Borodin) * the typist has also provided a translation of the chorus * [CHORUS: SISSEL] Fly on the wings of the wind to the homeland, our home song where we sang freely loving where me and you felt so freely ...

Think About Mutation

  • Ganglords

    gangbanging in l.a. is where you stay I ask you is this reality with guns with hate with stupidity corruption hangs up with authority reality - authority - stupidity - never been...

Crystal Bernard

  • Call It Love

    You caught my eye without trying You stole my heart away From clear across the room Somehow it was plain you felt the same Looking back now we can`t say Exactly how we knew All a wise man needs Is one glimpse of destiny There`s a...

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