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Wombles, The

  • Banana Rock

    la la la la
    hey banana
    don`t you slip on the skin.
    la la la la
    hey banana.
    Womble up the rubbish and put it in the bin.
    We have the solution to the polution

    I think it is easy ...

Александр Баль

  • А давайте-ка разрушим города...

    Александр Баль

    А давайте-ка разрушим города,

    А потом согреем улицы кострами,

    И подружимся погибшими дворами

    За бессмысленностью нашего труда.

    А дава...

Hammond Beres

  • Step Aside

    Hey, this is no disrespect, No disrespect, brotherman This is no disrespect, but could you Step aside now, another man wants to take over Because you don`t know what you`ve got So now it`s time to lose her.

Traste Lindns Kvintett

  • Att Kalla Det Krlek

    Tro mig jag har allting som du behver Hr finns det mesta som r vrt att ha Men nd s finns du inte hr fastn jag tar dig som du r Hr finns ett hjrta som brinner av lngtan Att kalla det krlek r fr mycket sagt Hr finns ett hjrta som br...

Stuck Mojo

  • (here Comes) The Monster

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Something wicked your way comes from what I hear can I smell fear in the atmosphere of Music. Tell me what the hell for `cause we rock hardcore giving you much, much more then you bargained for.

Hand In Hand For Children

  • Children Need A Helping Hand

    Children need a helping hand Children need a promise land Let the children feel again That love is alive Children need a helping hand Children are so innocent Make this world a wonderland So give a us a sign So give a us a ...

Killah Priest f Black Rose Kartel, Kaval

  • Live by the Gun

    [Hook: Kavalier] Live by the gun, die by the sword then (x7) [Killah Priest] I see demons in the atmosphere Gats appears out of nowhere Blood and crips be thuggin it Niggas be lovin that shit Bustin they guns to that shit Look at shorty over there On...

Buddy Jewell

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