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  • 45000 fous

    ------------------------------------------------------------------- L`Univers des Tabs la rйfйrence en matiиre de tabs et de musique!! ~~~ ~~~ ----------------------------...

Karaca Cem

  • Resimdeki Gozyaslari

    Bir gun belki hayattan Gecmisteki gunlerden Bir teselli ararsin Bak o zaman resmime Gor akan o yaslari Benden sana son kalan Bir kucuk resim simdi Cevap veremez ama Agla yalnizligina Ve iste arta kalan Bir avuc ani simdi Koyup ta ...

Silkk The Shocker f C-Murder

  • SouthSide Niggas

    [Silkk the Shocker] Yeah I got love for the world, east, west, north I gotta do this one for the hood, ya heard me? So when ya`ll ask me where I`m from This is where I`m from So fake niggas don`t ask me no shit [MP] Man what the fuck you mean where I`...

Beelow f Thug Addict

  • Ballin 4 Billions

    (Guys talking back and forth) You ready to start this shit man Man you fucking right Man I`m bout to take this nigga head off his fucking shoulders, Off the motherfucking top, you ready for this shit man Man let`s knock this nigga head off brah Off th...

collective soul

  • 10 Years Later

    Lack of knowledge has a source (oh boy) Still my thoughts must run their course (oh yeah) And they do Does my memory comfort you While your eyes see me through Well it`s 10 years later and still I haven`t a clue Oh I`m cryi...

Karas Flowers

  • Future Kid

    Getting closer to the swine Contemplating over wine Are you sure we have the time Hope that we can make new kinds The nation`s grabbed you Persuade you to stay But when they stabbed They started to play Green is stunningly in ...

Snoop Doggy Dogg w Nate Dogg, Kurupt, Wa

  • Ain`t No Fun (If the Homies Can`t Have N

    Intro: You`re back now at the jack-off hour this is DJ, Eazy Dick On W-Balls, right now, somethin new, by Snoop Doggy Dogg And this one goes out to the ladies, from all the guys A big bow wow wow, cuz we gonna make it a little mystery here tonight,...

Big Moe

  • Bang Screw

    * send corrections to this typist [Big Moe] Well ain`t no plex with the East and the West and plenty drink for your kids and plenty of weed for your chest So leave your pistol at home cause we ain`t tryin to go to war The common denominator in the si...

Brotha Lynch Hung f Shawna Coyle

  • 24 Deep

    (Brotha Lynch Hung) roll me a motherfucking joint check my gat nigga get my point cuz I jack roll on foos like vice and my nine milla meter ain`t nathan nice I start jacking for blunts a black jacket and ones I get dank Im sending niggas blood to the b...

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