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Frukwan f Lady Tigra

  • Ready 4 War

    [Intro: Frukwan (Lady Tigra)] Oh shit, I don`t believe this shit, yo babe (What`s wrong honey?) Yo babe, we gotta get the fuck out of here Get the kids, get your shit (Where are we going?) You hear that shit, it`s on, shit is goin` down (What is goin` ...

Jedi Mind Tricks f GZA

  • On the Eve of War

    * first single [Intro: Vinnie Paz] Yeah... Vinnie Paz, baby Yeah... yeah... yeah [Vinnie Paz] This is raw, all across the board, Liquid Sword Chamber If it`s coming from my jaw, then it`s pure anger Heavy metal rap, with a four four banger We can set...


  • Acide Winy

    Miss Naughty Winy n`a pas froid aux yeux
    Elle adore goыter ce qui est dangereux
    Miss Jolie Winy n`a pas peur du feu
    Quand elle cherche l`extase dans la fumйe bleue.

    Et soudain,
    Winy se renverse et tout se rйv...

Pastor Troy and The Congregation f Lil`

  • Get `Em Up

    Hook: 8x My niggas (Get `em up) My bitches (Get `em up) Verse 1: Lil` Pete It`s Pete baby You best of recognize Grab my gold teeth baby One of the good guys Say she`s a freak baby Tell me what`s up then U wanna freak I wanna freak Then we can freak ...

Stone Roses, The

  • (Song For My) Sugar Spun Sister

    Her hair
    Soft drifted snow
    Death white
    I aint going to know
    Why she hates
    All that she does
    And she gives
    It all that she`s got

    Until the sky turns green
    The grass is several shades of...

Luther Vandross f Queen Latifah

  • Hit it Again

    [Intro] I`m a rock, hit it Hit it I`m a rock, hit it [Luther] Well by now you know I`m insatiable Cuz when you step to leave I want a full repeat, yeah It`s a miracle You were right inside my head, yeah baby If the feeling`s nice, why not do it twice...

Lil Wayne f Hot Boys

  • Hit U Up

    [Turk] Come on, come on Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on I roll with a bunch of untamed guerrillas, head bustas, and sharks Niggas that`s `bout beefin` - lettin` them K`s spark Knockin`-it-off-your-shoulder soldiers - them real niggas Niggas...

Pimp C

  • Get My Money

    [Intro] (Piiimp!) Yeah I`ma step up to this mic like Marvin Gaye, y`knahmsayin? Back up off me like them O`Jays, y`knahmsayin? Spin on it like the Bar Kays, y`knahmsayin? Bitch ain`t nuttin funny, bitch I ain`t Bugs Bunny Get my money bitch, I mean ho ...

Funkmaster Flex and Big Kap f Snoop Dogg

  • Real G`s

    We bout to get real ugly up in this muthafucka For the 9-9 and the 2-G Def Jam (*echo*) Snoop Dogg all up in this muthafucka Big Kap (*echo*) Eastsidaz [Chorus - repeat 2X] I`m on the road to riches and diamond rings Real gangstas do real things [Ve...

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