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Lux Occulta

  • Apokathastasis

    now I drown into The Light

    where do these visions come from?
    of me naked, drawing cyphers on a sand
    leters and sings never known to me

    it`s me again, making sculptures of ice
    that melts under light tou...

The Beauty

  • Last Christmas

    CHORUS: Last Christmas I gave you my heart But the very next day you gave it away This year To save me from tears I`ll give it to someone special CHORUS: Once bitten and twice shy I keep my distance But you still catch...

Allen Iverson

  • 40 bars

    [Iverson] For the year 2G the rap game change for one name Jewelz aim to slain anything on this plane Remains are found when the best kept secret get heated You went platinum wit a ghost writer, so in the game you won you cheated...

Beelow f 69 Boyz

  • Ballaholic

    Ballin records no what I`m saying Home Bass Entertainment 69 Boyz and Beelow ya heard me This how we say it down here, wooday Wuz up all my woodays, ha, ha, ha Let`s show `em how we do this here thing down south Chorus repeat 2x Them boyz down south ...

The Bee Gees

  • (I Love) Being In Love With You

    I thought I`d already touched the sky I got to know you and I don`t know why But all of my life couldn`t mean as much As just being touched by you I never thought of me growing up Got my directions but the road was rough It`s ...

Black Knights, Cilvaringz, Meko the Phar

  • Woodchuck

    {*beez buzzing*} [Warcloud] West Coast, West Coast Killa Beez Antlers, hammers and hacksaw, the wizard Poetry of a man with no name, America Cement mixed walled and born in ice cream Holocaust the Minnie, greet with bloody handshake Wu Empire and col...

Allen Rex

  • Albino Stallion

    You drunks and gamblers laugh at me You sweat for gold and spend it free with eyes too blind to see The Albino pink-eyed stallion born to the devil in a lake of fire bred with an introvert desire his eyes at night are ablaze with ...

Busta Rhymes f the Ol Dirty Bastard (Wu-

  • Woo-Hah!! Got You All in Check (the Rash

    Intro/Outro 2X: Busta Rhymes (and ODB singin some crazy stuff) Y`alllll y`alllll y`alllll, y`all Y`alllll y`alllll y`alllll, y`all Y`alllll y`alllll y`alllll, y`all Y`alllll y`alllll y`alllll, y`all Chorus: Busta Rhymes, Ol Dirty Bastard The Flip Mo...


  • Caps

    (Verse 1 -Squeak Ru) It goes bam, bam how you like me now Squeak from the Westside, quick to buck em down 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, here I come The Fat Man cappin wit the double barrel gun Niggas better run from the maniac prisoner Or I`m g...

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