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  • 98.599999999999994315658113919198513031005859375

    Good mornin` sun I say it`s good to see you shinin` I know my baby brought you to me She kissed me yesterday hello your silver linin` Got spring and summer runnin` through me Hey 98.6 it`s good to have you back again, oh Hey 98.6 ...

Busta Rhymes f Mary J. Blige

  • Genesis

    [Busta Rhymes] Roll wit a nigga, put on some roller skates (laughs) yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Come on! Hot shit! More more more more more more! We gon continue to give it to you muhfuckas like this Put ya fuckin roller skates on! Ye...


  • Artifacts Of Modern Insanity

    [music & lyrics: Jeff] we`re in the beginning of the end of time - in the middle of the countdown - it`s impossible to turn around - but who`s aware of it? - lost in the fields of thick deceptions - up all nights and all days...

Saafir f Mahasin

  • 25 Ta Life

    Peace Here to explain to you 25 to life It`s not no criminal shit But then again it is It`s some lyrical shit From the abyss [ VERSE 1: Saafir ] What else am I to do, I`m not seein no more Revenue, I try to detach myself from life So catastrophies nev...

Demolition Hammer

  • .44 Calibre Brain Surgery

    Incarcerated by my fear, paranoia I`m condemned to live a wretched life Confinement in a sterile world isolation Disconjunction with society Boiling my food to exhume the parasites Diet infectious Water flowing through, filters fo...

Francesco Guccini

  • La Locomotiva

    Non so che viso avesse, neppure come si chiamava con che voce parlasse, con quale voce poi cantava quanti anni avesse visto allora, di che colore i suoi capelli ma nella fantasia ho l`immagine sua, gli eroi sono tutti giovani ...

Dave Matthews Band and Dave Matthews

  • Big Eyed Fish

    Story of a man who decided not to breathe Turned red, purple, then blue colorful indeed No matter how his friends begged Well, he would not concede And now he`s dead, you see `Cause everybody knows you got to breathe But, oh, God...

Francesco Napoli

  • Ma Quale Idea

    L`ho beccata in discoteca con lo sguardo da serpente io mi sono avvicinato lei gla non capiva niente. L`ho guardata m`ha guardato e mi sono scatenato Fred Astaire al mio confronto era statico e imbranato.

Gan Gerald

  • Why Is It So

    Why is it so When I come close to you You have to go And why is it so I can`t get any attention Can`t get any affection from you Can`t you see my love for you Is so simple yet so true Chorus: Like a flower waiting for the rain I`l...

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