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  • Artifacts Of Modern Insanity

    [music & lyrics: Jeff] we`re in the beginning of the end of time - in the middle of the countdown - it`s impossible to turn around - but who`s aware of it? - lost in the fields of thick deceptions - up all nights and all days...

Saafir f Mahasin

  • 25 Ta Life

    Peace Here to explain to you 25 to life It`s not no criminal shit But then again it is It`s some lyrical shit From the abyss [ VERSE 1: Saafir ] What else am I to do, I`m not seein no more Revenue, I try to detach myself from life So catastrophies nev...

Demolition Hammer

  • .44 Calibre Brain Surgery

    Incarcerated by my fear, paranoia I`m condemned to live a wretched life Confinement in a sterile world isolation Disconjunction with society Boiling my food to exhume the parasites Diet infectious Water flowing through, filters fo...

Francesco Guccini

  • La Locomotiva

    Non so che viso avesse, neppure come si chiamava con che voce parlasse, con quale voce poi cantava quanti anni avesse visto allora, di che colore i suoi capelli ma nella fantasia ho l`immagine sua, gli eroi sono tutti giovani ...

Dave Matthews Band and Dave Matthews

  • Big Eyed Fish

    Story of a man who decided not to breathe Turned red, purple, then blue colorful indeed No matter how his friends begged Well, he would not concede And now he`s dead, you see `Cause everybody knows you got to breathe But, oh, God...

Francesco Napoli

  • Ma Quale Idea

    L`ho beccata in discoteca con lo sguardo da serpente io mi sono avvicinato lei gla non capiva niente. L`ho guardata m`ha guardato e mi sono scatenato Fred Astaire al mio confronto era statico e imbranato.

Gan Gerald

  • Why Is It So

    Why is it so When I come close to you You have to go And why is it so I can`t get any attention Can`t get any affection from you Can`t you see my love for you Is so simple yet so true Chorus: Like a flower waiting for the rain I`l...


  • Du Vet Att Jag Grter

    K: Ibland undrade jag om P: Vad K: Om man inte knner nnting P: Om du sjunger shr K: Du vet att jag knner Du vet att jag tnker Du vet att jag grter Du vet att jag grter P: Min egna Afrodite Prinsessa utan like Ditt hjrta fr ett rik...

curry mark

  • all over me

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