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Frankie Vallie & 4 Seasons

  • Can`t Take My Eyes Off of You

    You`re just too good to be true.
    Can`t take my eyes off you.
    You`d be like heaven to touch.
    I wanna hold you so much.
    At long last love has arrived.


  • Armenian persecution

    all i can think about is revenge
    the slaughhter inside my head never ends
    and to all who deny this sin
    baba eed janed cach-men
    ethnic genocide
    on million died
    cries went unheard in 1915
    no one remembers,...

Jennifer Lopez

  • (Can`t Believe) This Is Me

    How can you just say that you love me yet to leave you alone
    You said these walls were here to protect us, but it`s still not a home
    All these questions that are burning inside with answers I`ll never know
    `Cause you`re the onl...


  • Here We Go

    feat. Product
    The boys look so good but their minds are not ready
    So here we go yo...
    Thats why I`d rather talk to a man cause his mind is so steady
    So here we go yo...
    Yo, the girl looks so good but he...

Limp Bizkit

  • 9 Teen 90 Nine

    Fame you`re claimin` is the top of the world.
    This stage I`m claimin` is the top of the world.
    Love I`m feelin when you people connect
    and if you`re out in the crowd you`re gettin` more than respect.


  • Alive

    Feel the asthma fill the afternoon What a glorious gloom To be making my way through Curiousities the consequence She brings What a slippery fish That the way she swings I could argue But weve gone too far I feel the ...


  • Any Advice?

    Making choices and hoping that they`re all right.
    Hating waiting for something to make this worth the waiting...
    and what are you waiting for?
    Any advice?

    Intervention of a mental melt down.
    Too late to help,...

Omen Hungary

  • A Gonosz Hetszer El

    A gonosz ujra el, a gonosz mindig el
    A gonosz nem hagy el, a gonosz elkiser.
    Vigyazz ! Vigyazz !
    A gonosz ehezik, a gonosz szomjazik.
    A gonosz nem pihen, veled valtozik.
    Vigyazz ! Vigyazz !
    Mar biztosan ott al...


  • Act Now

    Ye, that sit and bear
    All, the truths you`ve seen
    Come, are you prepared
    Here, me screaming
    Rage, controls my brain
    Hate, runs through my veins
    Love, has escaped me
    (and) Now I`m still screaming

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