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Missy Elliott [featuring Lil Kim]

  • Hit `em Wit` Da Hee

    uhh Missy, yeah B.I.G.Ha ha yeah I like thatLil` Kim:Uhhhhh it`s the Q to the B to the double E, spittin` lovelyAnd it don`t stop, rocks shine through my tank topWhere your bank stop, I deposit all the one drops (ha)Think not, exc...

Thomas Ray

  • Adam And I

    (Ray Thomas and Nicky James) I waited so long, for you to come along, Hoping and praying, my love would bear a son, Now I see that love, it shines within your eyes. We`re gonna take our journey, Adam and I.

Drowning Fish

  • Brain Freeze

    I try to talk, but my tongue turns numb I walk, but begin to fall down This feeling I have for you Oh there`s nothing that I could do A plan runs round in my head For us to at least be friends I want to speak my mind But I`...


  • Sick Inside

    Temptation gave me a reason to feel this salvation
    but guess again how wrong did I went just sticks in my hands.
    Peace don`t come in my mind, this life didn`t give a dime,
    pschotic dream begins...
    Scars sho...

Kool G. Rap and DJ Polo

  • Bad to the Bone

    I`m bad to the bone, with a style like Al Capone I`ma smile while I give you the dial tone Eatin shrimp and girls I be pimpin Walk like I`m limpin, this brother ain`t simpin Not to mention, I`m winner of Mack Daddy conventions I get a lot of attention ...

Status Ouo

  • In The Army Now

    In The Army Now : Status Quo ----------------------------- A vacation in the foreign land Uncle Sam does the best he can You`re in the army now Oh, oh you`re in the army - now Now you remember what the draft man said Nothing to d...

Thomas Rufus

  • Walking The Dog

    WALKIN` THE DOG Baby`s back, dressd in black, silver buttons all down her back. High, low, tipsy toe, she broke a needle and she can`t sew. Walkin` the dog, just a-walkin` her dog.

Thomas Rusiak

  • Hiphopper

    you see me drivin down the street,I look so fucking good


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