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Михаил Щербаков

  • Ecce homo

    А ну-ка, выпьем, храбрые вояки, Друзья-сержанты, братья-денщики! Не для тоски хмельной, не ради драки, А для того, что пить не дураки.

Наутилус помпилиус

  • Гудбай, Америка (прощальное письмо)

    Когда умолкнут все песни Которых я не знаю В терпком воздухе крикнет Последний мой бумажный пароход Гудбай, Америка, о-о Где не был никогда Прощай навсегда Возьми банджо, сыграй мне на прощанье Мне стали слишком малы Твои тертые джинсы Нас так долго ...

Above The Law

  • Adventures Of

    To the people thats been locked away for a while
    Keep your head up
    To my peoples thats been strugglin all their life
    Never give up (No never give up)
    To my people that are lost along the way
    I`ll ...

Backstreet Boys

  • 10,000 Promises

    Once we were lovers
    Yes, lovers we were
    Oh, what a lie

    Once were were dreamers
    Yes dreamers we were
    Oh, you and I

    Now I see you`re just sombody
    Who wastes all my time and money
    What a...

Diana Ross

  • (I Love) Being In Love With You

    (B. Gibb/R. Gibb/M. Gibb) I thought I`d already touched the sky I got to know you and I don`t know why But all of my life couldn`t mean as much As just being touched by you I never thought of me growing up Got my directions but...


  • Ancient abbey

    Have you got Miss Fortune, she`s the daughter of rich parents,
    all she does is cry. One four-letter word is all she wants
    but you can`t buy love so there`s no supply.
    Will you take young Master Charge, the boy who`s living wel...


  • 1000 Times

    Nightfall follows the day
    You fight with me
    Fill me with patience
    I was so brave once
    You rescued me
    Got in my way

    A thousand times
    Dumbfounded lies
    In tidy lines
    Let blood flood the t...

Michael Learns To Rock

  • 25 Minutes

    After some time I`ve finally made up my mind
    She is the girl and I really want to make her mine
    I`m searching everywhere to find her again
    To tell her I love her
    And I`m sorry `bout the things I`ve done

    I fin...

Skunk Anansie

  • 100 Ways To Be A Good Girl

    I caused a major war just by talking
    you flew into a rage, `cos that`s everything you know
    childhood of violence, filled with heartache
    I flew into a rage, `cos that`s everything I know
    I know 100 ways to be a good girl

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