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Suzi Quatro

  • Daytona Demon

    Ride me ride you We do anything we wanna do Speed you speed me You`re my machine.


  • 1. Superhйros

    Tous les gens de ma ville,
    septiques а l`histoire
    que je vais raconter
    aujourd`hui sont mort
    de peur а l`idйe de savoir
    qu`au moment oщ je dormais
    au sous-sol de mon bungalow
    j`entendais des pas e...


  • Don`t You Worry

    --------------- If you ever needed more than just a friend I`m the one you needed; Let me recommend That I will help you struggle by, no Chorus : Don`t you worry; I know it`s gonna turn out fine.

Suzy Bogguss

  • 20 Million Things

    (Lowell George, J. Levy) If it`s fix a fence, fender dents I`ve got lots of experience Rent gets spent And all the letters never written don`t get sent It comes from confusion, all things I left undone It comes from moment to mom...


  • Abschwerung

    Blut uber uns - uns unsere Kerper Die Posaunen der Finsternis erklingen Geheul folgt auf - das Schweigen Trink vom Blut des erschlagenen Feindes Die Abschwerung des Christentums For all ancient cultures - They have slaughtered A...


  • By His Blood

    Break away,confront the hate of the damned
    Consumed in blood,
    Helpless souls await the command
    Given the chances to rebuff the mistakes
    Ignorance to turn away the truth
    And breathe the last breath
    The return,s...

Kylie Minogue feat. Jimmy Little

  • Bury Me Deep In Love

    Bury me deep inlove, Bury me deep in love Take me in, under your wing Bury me deep in love There`s a chapel deep in a valley For travelling strangers in distress It`s nestled among the ghosts of the pines Under the shadow of a precipice When a ...

Keith Sweat f Strings

  • I`m Not Ready (Remix)

    [Strings] Um, ah Yeah, yeah, yeah, uh When you walk in the door, lose the clothes Rest the shoes, candles are lit, I`m chillin` the booze Kick back, wrap the tight pattened leather on, all black Showin` off the print of the kit-kat, and it`s all fat St...

Ben Christophers

  • Always

    Racing down the alleyways The summers here I hope she stays forever Winter froze the pond this year With spiky rain In silence from the fall The sky has turned to cellophane This is the best time of the year I held you on t...

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