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  • Bodies

    [Originally performed by Sex Pistols] She was a girl from Birmingham she just had an abortion she was a case of insanity her name was Pauline she lived in a tree She was a no-one who killed her baby she sent her letters from the...

DJ KaySlay f 50 Cent, G-Unit

  • Angels Around Me

    [50 Cent] G-UNIT! Haha.. haha [Chorus 2X: 50 Cent] If, some shots should happen to go off tonight Don`t worry about me, I`ll be aight Niggaz can waste ten while firin at me Cause I`m God`s child, there`s angels around me [Young Buck] Life`s a bitch ...

Sonny Spoon f CMD

  • Tear it Down

    [Sonny Spoon] Yeah Know what I`m saying Everybody got their own lil` saying Down in NO they be saying wooday But down hear in Georgia, we tell them haters to tear it down Know what I`m sayin`? Hook: Tear it down! (5x) Sonny Spoon tear it down, (tear ...

Gerald Joling

  • No More Bolero`s

    Intro What can I say there`s an empty where your love filled my life and I know. That a part of you will always be a part of me. One summernight and the sky is full of wishes that won`t arrive.



    With no complications Fifteen generations (of mine) All honouring Nature Until I arrived (With incredible style) I`m the end of the line The end of the family line The end of the line No baby pulled screaming Out into...

Brownstone f Mike Nitti

  • Let`s Get Started

    Brownstone, back again? What? Dark Child for life, FJ, oh Check it out 1 - Let`s get it started All I wanna do is have a party Let`s not waste no time lets get it started I won`t stop till we fall in love Hey, yo, Kina, take it away Sittin , ho...

Gerald Levert and Kelly Price

  • It Hurts Too Much To Stay

    [Kelly] Candlelight and chocolate kisses Calls to say you missed me when we started [G] Your nails was done, your hair was pressed I miss the way you used to dress when I met you I really, really do [Kelly] I gave my best for ...

Styles and Noreaga

  • Come Thru

    [Chorus: Vanity Fare`s Early in the Morning] Evening, is the time of day I find, nothing much to say Don`t know, what to do..

Big Moe f Enjoli

  • Purple World

    (Big Moe talking) KnowI`mtalkingbout, trying to get these on paper ma, let you know I`m out here trying to make it happen for me and you baby, feel me (Chorus) Baby girl I`m sending this letter to you Just to let you know you`re still my baby boo [Bi...

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