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Basket Case

  • Connections (Ny2mtl)

    [Mr. Q]
    Yeah, yeah. Check it out. Yo, yo, yo
    [CHORUS: Mr. Q]
    It`s the connection
    It`s the connection
    It`s the connection
    It`s the connect son
    It`s the connection
    It`s the connection


  • A Pimp`s A Pimp

    [Chorus] [Jermaine Dupri] Ayyo a Pimps a Pimp Flow is flow Doe is do ho`s a ho Chic`s a chic Trick`s a trick Bitch a bitch across the world So nigga getcha money and attend to your girl [Cam`ron] Now when it comes to the...

DJ Quik

  • 8 Ball

    [ VERSE 1 ] Pass me the... (8 Ball) so I can get fucked up My name is DJ Quik, so yo, what`s up? Cause I`m the baddest, I feel, gettin ill for real With a Forty of O.E., yo, you know the deal I`m just chillin with a Forty in hand I`m so damn bent, that...

Mash Out Posse (M.O.P.)

  • Calm Down

    [Intro] What the fuck you want nigga? New York you ready for this shit? I don`t think so motherfucker YEAH!! M.O.P.!! FOR LIFE!! (yeah) Radio (First Family) niggaz never play us! FIYAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! [Verse One: Billy Danze] Direct from the concrete...

Talib Kweli

  • A Game

    [Intro - Talib Kweli] 7-18 stand up (c`mon) Talib Kweli, BK MC Turn it up (yeah) We `bout to drop it low Baby I got the flow (yeah) to work your abdominal (I`m goin in) It`s the lava flow (yeah) strictly A game Rock it fast, rock it slow (whoa) You got...

Александр Дядин


    Александр Дядин

    По дымке красного заката,

    Пыхтя натруженной машиной,

    От захламленного причала

    Мы резво скачем по волне.

    Но ты ни в чем не виновата.


Boot Camp Clik

  • And So

    It`s Tek man niggaz can`t tell me shit [Tek] I do what I do like I do for the hood Pop tools pop jewels burn backwoods Slay dj`s who think they untouchable Renegade never been afraid MC`s get it too The moral of the story is this I used to say get off...

Cap.One f Jagged Edge

  • My Life

    Thug passion have a nigga on ten Fucking steady hatin` on me Let me live my shit nigga, flick my whip nigga Rock my jewels,Chi-town, fuck y`all haters Yeah get that money nigga [Jagged Edge] Chorus: My life Why you can`t just le...


  • Get a Job Bitch

    [Intro: Freemurder] Tired of this shit right here Everytime I come around, man, this bitch This bitch wanna ask me for everything man Why don`t this bitch go out and get a fuckin` job or somethin` Man, this bitch is breakin` me man, this bitch is break...

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