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  • Anything

    Nothing I can say Will matter anyway Just a vain display With me in the middle No more empty words Will anymore be heard All my rhymes and verbs Mean very little It doesn`t mean anything without You Just a nice melody without Yo...

Terror Fabulous

  • Jah Works

    Cho : A jus Jah works when yuh see the rain fall Jah works, blessings overall Jah works when yuh see the sun shine Jah works, blessings everytime (rpt) 1.

Terror Squad

  • 99 Live

    Dont be scared of this (terror sqaud) Dont be scared of this (thats right, thats right) Prospecto Follow me here now [ chorus ] Throw your hands up My live niggas in the cut, put your triggers up If you got love say, &q...

Shyheim f House Gang Animalz

  • Annamette

    [Intro: Carlton Fisk] Aiyo, Carlton Fisk, the fugitive`s back My nigga Donnie Cash, the animal Shyheim, the Rugged Child [Chorus: Donnie Cash] That`s my Annamette I thug her, I love her, put nothing above her Cuz, baby girl, demand respect That`s my A...


  • A Change In Your Mind

    Your ancient morale makes me indignant Your inherited opinions affect the way you act Your blurred illusion withholds the revolution! A change in your mind will strengthen the progression! Lighten up! Be candid for the actions Ob...


  • 5 Kilo

    Steife Hften, verkrampfter Po Eigentlich wollt ich nur aufs Klo Ich warte und ich schwitze Mu hier im Grenzhuschen sitzen Warum wurd` ich rausgefischt? Bisher doch noch nie erwischt Mu ntig mal ins Rathaus Sonst quillt der Stoff m...

Joe Dassin

  • A toi

    A toi,
    A la facon que tu as d`etre belle,
    A la facon que tu as d`etre a moi,
    A tes mots tendres un peu artificiels

    A toi,
    A la petite fille que tu etais,
    A celle que tu es encore souv...


  • blank

    Title: (blank) author: the Cootees Album: Let`s Play House Copyright Tooth and Nail Records Tabbed by: John Gula verse: ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ --------...

Sway and King Tech f Chino XL, Nas, O.K.

  • Wake Up Show Anthem 1994

    [Chorus](2X) Oh-oh-oh I`m coolin` with my niggaz on the Wake up Show-oh-oh We kick a little something for the radio-oh-oh [Verse 1: Nas] Check it, bust it Tune it up it`s the corrupt novelist, Nas Involved in this liveness radio waves Slaves thrive in...

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