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Sonora Matancera

  • Cuando Sali De Cuba

    Nunca podr morirme, mi corazn no lo tengo aqu. Alguien me est esperando, me est aguardando que vuelva aqu. Cuando sal de Cuba, dej mi vida dej mi amor. Cuando sal de Cuba, dej enterrado mi corazn.

Condemned 84

  • Face The Aggression

    FACE THE AGGRESSION Time to do your best when you`re left on your own Gotta fend for yourself, now you`re far away from home Kicked up the arse all the time in the past Now you gotta make a stand yourself - Give them a glare, give...

Sons Of The Desert

  • Albuquerque

    (chris lindsey/stephonie seekell) Ive spent twenty three nights in this one horse town Ive been jacked up, been broke down for too long Ive been bustin my tail in the blazing sun Watching jack rabbits watch tumbleweeds run u...

Mesh StL

  • Contagious

    Can you give me what I need? A dose of reality could sure cure this disease This is how I see it, I`m lying on the floor This scene inside my head, no, no, no, I can`t be sure Wrap me around you Feel me inside you Take me where y...

Виктор Черников

hammond john

  • broke down engine

    Date: Thu, 8 Apr 93 09:47:46 -0700 From: darsie@eecs.ucdavis.edu (Richard Darsie) Subject: TAB: John Hammond, Broke Down Engine >From the acoustic guitar mailing list...


  • Ragatanga (Asereje Portuguese Version)

    Olha lб quem vem virando a esquina
    Vem Diego com toda alegria festejando
    Com a Lua em seus olhos, roupa de бgua marinha
    E seu jeito de malandro

    E com magia e pura alma ele chega com a danзa
    Possuнdo pelo...


  • 9th Circle

    Watch the twilight Colour the sky In this monotony of chaos Insane limbo Sickening sights In this garden of dark delights Lunatic dreams become nightmare reality Entangled into persistence No answer to your existence The curse has...


  • Cadaverous Mastication

    Here we are to stay We all can see the purblind day Assail the cause Defray the ogre, the insubordinates Restrained to live Bring me home Confronting mutants We are all bound to fall Mortality we see today, defrauds our dreams A...

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