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Mad Crowd Disease

  • Independent World

    I don`t wanna hear you I don`t wanna see you Whoaaa........... Whoaaa...........

Joe Bonamassa

  • Waiting For Me

    Maybe I was wishing, for a little bit more, even though
    I didn`t want to be the one, to kick down that door, baby
    I was been Praying, praying to believe, there was something
    for something more out there waiting for me.

Knightowl f Mr. Shadow

  • Let`s Go to War

    [Knightowl] I`m certified loco now check the voco I got a style so fucking dope top notch I`m like the pope You got no hope competing you`ll take a beating It`s mothafuckas just like you that I`m deleting Off the map dead but still fuck I`m bleeding No...

Mad Dog Loose

  • Back Into History

    Well I can listen to your whisper in the morning in a fight And squeeze your Bahamas for a sentimental delight Well does it really seem to matter in the words that I can shape And say the way you understand Like water running down...

Stuart Marty

  • Beyond the Great Divide

    There`ll be greener pastures Across that border line We`ll see new horizons, my darlin` Far beyond the great divide Pools of clear blue waters Star light in the sky You`ll be mine forever, my darlin` Far beyond the great divide ...

Craig David feat. Sting

  • Rise And Fall

    Sometimes in life you feel the fight is over,
    And it seems as though the writings on the wall,
    Superstar you finally made it,
    But once your picture becomes tainted,
    It`s what they call,
    The rise and fall x2


  • Don`t Hate Me

    Wait a minute what`s going on I can feel the change in your attitude Sure I like you don`t get me wrong But there are things you said that you want from me I can`t give you, oh no no I like your smile and your company And like t...

Аркадий Аршинов

  • А я целовал тебя только раз...

    Аркадий Аршинов

    А я целовал тебя только раз,

    всего только раз, один лишь раз...

    Но мне не забыть твоих плачущих глаз -

    прощальных, печальных глаз.



  • Angel Street

    By Icehouse Angel Street ------------ Iva Davies / Robert Kretschmer ------------ she draws the curtain wide and brushes back her hair she stands before the mirror wondering what to wear but she knows no one will care so easy to f...

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