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Box Car Racer

  • All Systems Go

    I left my fear behind me,
    Of those lights out by the station,
    The government is lying,
    The youth they won`t believe them,

    We can`t go
    Wrong can`t get
    Fucked this time

Bob Marley

  • 400 Years

    400 years (400 years, 400 years. Wo-o-o-o) And it`s the same - The same (wo-o-o-o) philosophy I`ve said it`s four hundred years; (400 years, 400 years.

Phillips Chynna

  • i live for you

    CHYNNA PHILLIPS - I Live For You - Bass Tab Common Time(4/4) Drop D Tuning(EADG) VERSE/CHORUS: G|------------------------|------------------------| D|*-----------------------|-----------------------*| A|*-2---0-2-----------0---|---------------------0...

Phillips Craig And Dean

  • favorite song of all

    Song: FAVORITE SONG OF ALL Artist: Phillips, Craig, and Dean Copyright: 1992 Star Song Tabbed by: Mark Massaro Revised 6/11/00 Capo1 Verse D He loves to hear the wind sing G D As ...

Bon Jovi

  • (I Don`t Wanna Fall) To The Fire

    We would take no prisoners
    `Cause there was nobody giving in
    They came walking through my jungle
    And met an angel about to sin
    I heard a voice from inside of me
    When the youth of America cried:
    Can you h...

Phillips Leslie

  • Black And White In A Grey World

    No distinction, no emotion for right or wrong They tell me only choice will do No color contrast in their dull morality The shades of good and bad are through Situational lies, situational hate Situational adultery They mix the bl...

Beanie Sigel f Bun B

  • Purple Rain

    [Verse 1: Beanie Sigel] I roll a bat, crack a dutch, have a sizzip Get introduced to this drink that I sizzip Promethazine with codeine that`s my twizzist It might lead me to the left or make me izzitch Pearlmeth with the tuss`, some like the mizix `co...

Ася Вайник и Саша Сорокин

  • Военный госпиталь

    За окошком дышит холод
    Ветер воет на луну
    Помещенье нашей школы
    Занял госпиталь в войну
    Здесь легко обосновались
    предвоенные слова
    И палаты назывались
    третья б восьмая а
    Здесь легко обосновались

Alice In Chains

  • A Little Bitter

    How the mind does shout for rest
    When the bodies shaken, yeah
    Oh the tightness in my chest
    Still your leaves I`m raking

    Lord is this a test
    Was it fun creating, yeah?
    My god`s a little sick
    And he...

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