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S.L.A.B. f Z-Ro, Archie Lee, Lil C, Mr.

  • Ready 4 War

    (*talking*) The youngest guerilla in here mayn, Young Dyno In here with Trae, D and S.L.A.B We representing this to the fullest mayn, AK`s loaded And cocked, but now the clip`s ready to peel on a punk [Hook - 2x] Y`all niggaz better run, we ready for ...

D.O. Cannon, Young Merc

  • We Dem Boyz (Ride Wit Us)

    Ha ha Young Merc, D.O., Let`s go! [Chorus] Take a ride wit us (We dem boyz) Benz`s and them trucks (You ain`t gotta hate) Who wanna fight wit us? (Show love) Show love cuz it`s...Murrrrddddeeeerrrr (Repeat once) [Verse 1] Yo who wanna lay these here ...

Mista MC

  • Timez Up

    [Verse One] This is fo my lowridas hit`n them switches Getting booty calls from them big booty bitchs You Spit that real shit you best stand by it You fuck with Mista MC I`m Goin Start A Riot Now you came up to my face so I had to rearranged it You los...

Snoop Dogg f Eve

  • Ready 2 Ryde

    [Eve] Keep it shaking, Cali keep it quaking Cause the Ryders got me bringin home the bacon Show me love, and it wasn`t no mistakin that I would dedicate this melody - fuck the hatin [Chorus: Snoop Dogg] I had to tell my girl to pack her shit cause she...

Леонид Сергеев

  • Ах, какая девушка

    Ах, какая девушка, красивая и стройная
    В трамвай влетела бабочкой, и села у окна .
    Ах, какая бабушка седая и румяная,
    Играет с внуком Петенькой на самой мостовой
    Ах, какой мужчина, импозантный, интересный,
    Он идет к...

Hanzel Und Gretyl

  • And We Shall Purify

    Passion plays
    Demon orbits
    Deep inside
    The inner sanctum
    of supergalactik
    Cosmic blackness
    Mesmorized and tranformatik


    Levitate int...

Daz f Soopafly

  • Dogg Catcha

    [Daz talking] Yeah... right about now I`m most definetly in the house I want the party people to move left to right right to left Yea, y`all know how we do this Yea, c`mon, put yo hands in the air [Daz verse] Now drop to yo knees And picture me diggit...

Master P f C-Murder, Silkk the Shocker

  • Ghetto D

    (*water bubbling*) (*voice in background repeating make crack like this*) [Master P] Imagine substitutin crack for music I mean dope tapes, this is how we would make it (There it is right there) For all you players, hustlers, ballers and even you smok...

Bow Wow f Swizz Beatz

  • Get it Poppin`

    (*dogs barking*) [Swizz Beatz - talking] One two, one two Bow Weezy, Swizz Weazy (yo, yo, yo) (WOO! WOO! WOO!) Ladies and gentlemen Ladies to the flo` (stand up) The fellas to the flo` As we go a little somethin like this WOO! WOO! WOO! WOO! (yo, yo,...

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