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mc 900 ft jesus

  • if i only had a brain

    Song: If I only had a brain Artist: MC 900 Ft. Jesus Album: One Step Ahead of the Spider Tabbed by: yler Britten ( / the whole song is the same thing.


  • Dying

    I feel bad, I feel low I feel sad, I know, I have to go When I die, you dont have to cry I will fall asleep, I fall into deep CHORUS I am dying, this world has for me no crying This pain I am going through The only one thing I wi...

Наталия Бутенко

  • Авантюрная

    Наталия Бутенко

    Во мне проснулся дух авантюризма —

    Он здоровее всех других начал.

    Я днем пою остатками лиризма,

    Поскуливаю тихо по ночам.

    Ты мне твердишь — влюби...

You Am I

  • ...And Vandalism

    I know this guy If I`m the mayonnaise he`s the cream Some sit and wait for the ride While others become the scene And he can see a Wednesday morning Like others see Friday night It`s all an open book It`s just how you vandalise A ...

Jon Secada

  • A Donde Voy

    (music by diane warren. spanish lyrics by concha valds-miranda) Dnde ests necesito de t? Me sobran la caricias que Nunca te d? Y no s? que hacer.

Shocking Blues

  • Mighty Joe

    Be carefull girls for Mighty Joe be carefull ! He teaches you all that don`t know. He makes you cry before it`s through and I bet you like it too.

Shoes For Paul

  • Cigarette Girl

    I fell in love with the cigarette girl She walked right by me, made my toes all curl She`s just so perfect, that I come undone And I believe that I have found someone She works downtown in a discotheque I only got in, `cause I loo...

Reckmann Tim

  • Pictures On The Wall

    (T. Reckmann) I taste your smell And I want see your shine And I`m thinking Don`t know what I do Then I`m taking just a pen And write songs for you. All the pictures on the wall Seems to me like blinking eyes.


  • Bloodline

    [MB: this song, *Bloodline* was the worst of the three to get. There are parts that are whispered so low I can`t make them out under the music, maybe 50% I could say I was certain of. Here goes:] Come on, I need easing.

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