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Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. f B-Real, Eminem

  • Real 911

    [Intro - Eminem] WAAAAHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOO!!! {*laughs*} Guess who`s back?!?! Mommy! We`re home!! Say hello to my little friends DJ Muggs, Soul Assassins, Cypress Hill Everybody! Put your hands where my eyes can see!!! [Verse - Eminem] Everywhere we go ...

Phoebe Snow

  • Harpo`s Blues (I Wish I Was A Willow)

    I wish I was a willow And I could sway to the music in the wind And I wish I was a lover I wouldn`t need my costumes and pretend I wish I was a mountain I`d pass boldly thru the clouds and never end I wish I was a soft refrain Whe...

Scar Culture

  • Branded

    For life, by life. Born into my skin, shedding filth within. Final game of sin, breeding faith again Step a little closer to see, touch upon the scar that`s healed Every little bit of me rests upon the agony in my head.

Blak Twang

  • Dettwork Southeast

    Intro Dettwork south east, Yeah yeah yeah yheah Original south London trooper, Blak Twang, live from the big smoke, Thames link, London connections, watch the ride or watch the bus.

Лилия Хайлис

  • * * *

    Лилия Хайлис

    * * *

    Я люблю твой мальчишеский взгляд

    И усталый надтреснутый голос.

    Как же дразнят, как с нами шалят,

    Напоследок бесчинствуя, годы.


Наталья Дудкина

  • Будет лето: поедем на дачу...

    Наталья Дудкина

    Будет лето: поедем на дачу.

    Выйдя утром одна на крыльцо,

    Пса поглажу, и в шерсти собачьей

    Спрячу правую руку с кольцом.

    Мы пойдем с ...

De Poema`s

  • Zij Maakt Het Verschil

    Ze is geen medicijn tegen het tikken van de klok
    Geen hoop, geen gids
    Geen haven in de nacht
    Geen bron in de woestijn als je kapot gaat van de dorst
    Niet een glimlach op je aller slechtste grap

    Ze is gee...

Extra Prolific

  • Brown Sugar

    I had bitches freaks and all that shit
    but soon and very soon enough of that I would get
    I woke up in the mornin` thinkin` of bonin`
    hook up on the phone in no time I`m gronin`
    with excitement frighte...

Biohazard feat. Peter Steele of Type O N

  • Cross The Line

    The fires of hateburn deep inside You swear it`s the truth, but I know you lied I never thought that you would try to take me, ...break me For all the years of pain and tears Where you preyed upon my biggest fears You didn`t really think I could forgiv...

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