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Nasty Little Elves

  • Red Dog

    She`s a red dog Bitch a stupid fucking slut a red dog bitch you know who we mean the red dog cow with a first name Dannelle it`s red dog Reane stupid fucking bitch fuck you slut we hate you Chorus Red dog, Red dog bitch a fucking ...

T Seven

  • Ohne Dich

    Ich schau dir in die Augen Ich seh in dein Gesicht Will für immer an dich glauben Doch weiß ich nicht wer du bist Es ist Zeit zu sehen Zu verstehen wie es ist Mit der Welt zu drehen Und nicht im Kreis zu gehen ...

T sukin

  • These Little Town Blues

    Start spreading the news Im leavin today I want to be apart of it New York, New York These bagabon shoes Are longing to stray Right through the very heart of it New York, New York I wanna wake up In a city that doesn...

Nasty Savage

  • Distored Fanatic

    music - Dave, lyrics - Ron

    The image has lack of proportion
    Changed from the true
    Seemingly frozen
    Deep inner well of inspiration
    Illusions of love
    Can`t you feel affection
    You`re breathing faster...


  • Anything

    Nothing I can say Will matter anyway Just a vain display With me in the middle No more empty words Will anymore be heard All my rhymes and verbs Mean very little It doesn`t mean anything without You Just a nice melody without Yo...

Terror Fabulous

  • Jah Works

    Cho : A jus Jah works when yuh see the rain fall Jah works, blessings overall Jah works when yuh see the sun shine Jah works, blessings everytime (rpt) 1.

Terror Squad

  • 99 Live

    Dont be scared of this (terror sqaud) Dont be scared of this (thats right, thats right) Prospecto Follow me here now [ chorus ] Throw your hands up My live niggas in the cut, put your triggers up If you got love say, &q...

Shyheim f House Gang Animalz

  • Annamette

    [Intro: Carlton Fisk] Aiyo, Carlton Fisk, the fugitive`s back My nigga Donnie Cash, the animal Shyheim, the Rugged Child [Chorus: Donnie Cash] That`s my Annamette I thug her, I love her, put nothing above her Cuz, baby girl, demand respect That`s my A...


  • A Change In Your Mind

    Your ancient morale makes me indignant Your inherited opinions affect the way you act Your blurred illusion withholds the revolution! A change in your mind will strengthen the progression! Lighten up! Be candid for the actions Ob...

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