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Beelow f Juvenile

  • Ballin 4 Billions

    [Chorus: Beelow] Big bodies, them big bodies What you playin in, them big bodies Them big bodies What you flossin in, them big bodies Them big bodies What you thuggin in, them big bodies Them big bodies [Beelow] You like them woodgrain Suburbans on th...

Alice Babs

  • Abends In Stockholm

    Refrain: Wenn in Stockholm auf allen Straßen die Lichter glühn dann ist die Stadt erfüllt von tausend Melodien ! Wenn in Stockholm auf allen Straßen die Pärchen stehn dann ist es schwer für mich a...

Big Kap Funkmaster Flex f 2Pac, Notoriou

  • Biggie/Tupac Live Freestyle *

    * originally appeared on Mister Cee`s Best of B.I.G. [Kane] Where`s 2Pac and Biggie Smalls?? *crowd goes nuts* [Scoob] Yeah, ahhhhhhhhhhhh-ight? (Yeah!) [Scoob] Keep it goin! [Kane] Mister Cee..

Big Tymers f B.G., Lac

  • Big Tymers

    [Baby] For sure, lil` one Off top, playboy Look here These lil` young jive motherfuckers just jumpin` off the porch [B.G.] Let me at `em [Baby] Better catch they motherfuckin cut, nigga Look, this block is mine And I don`t need these niggas playin` w...

Alice Cooper

  • (No More) Love At Your Convenience

    Your childish game is over now. Lost your power over night some how. Better see it ain`t gonna be like it used to be. No more love at your convenience. No more love at your command. No more love at your convenience.

Bust Down

  • Nasty Bitch

    * send corrections to the typist (Bust Down) Yo whats up ice mike (mike) What`s up? I`m chillin recording, watching these bitches (bust down) What`s up cody (cody) What`s Up ho? (bust down) A brother I`m chillin` like, A you heard bout y...

Boogie Down Productions f Kwame Toure`

  • Edutainment

    [Kwame Toure`] Africans in America try to identify totally with their master in every respect They are the only ones who can not do it but they are the ones who will go to all extremes to do it * laughing * (check it out) * then laughing some more * Th...

Buckshot f Harly Hearts (Crow Hill)

  • My Bitches and My Niggaz

    [Harly Hearts] My bitches rock wit me, potato in the sock wit me Cock wit me, take it to your block wit me Stock wit me, then run through the stock wit me It`s our philosophy, it`s not a game cause you look sexy, and I bet you be protective ?? Cause wh...

mork gryning

  • armageddon has come to pass

    From Sun Apr 27 11:24:56 1997 Date: Fri, 04 Apr 1997 03:09:44 PST From: Krikka Dmon Lilliehццk To: Subject: tab Tabbed by Krikka Dmon Liliehook.

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