Off the Corner — текст песни (Sisqo f The Associates)

Uhh, all eyes over here
We about to show ya ohh, you know
Ballers down the hilllll

[The Butch]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, uhh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Aiyyo my men-tal is keep the rock cut, keep the glock up
Keep the rock pucks in the basement with the lock shut
Used to slidin under street lights, puff a peace pipe
Keep the heat tight by my side so I can eat right
All I knew was hit the block and how to crack deals
Make it hot with this rap shit and stack bills
All I`m used to is strugglin, jugglin
Buggin, with thoughts in my head knowin crack kills
Out for pape`s, gotta let the Desert Eagle blow
I get cake, this rap shit is legal though
Check the resume, flip that spit that
They put my name in the game, Mr. Butch
I`ma shine `til a nigga can`t shine no more
I`ma smoke so much weed I can`t find no more
I`ma keep my chest bluish
Keep hittin `em hard like Ray Lewis
`til they can`t feel they spine no more

[Chorus: Sisqo]
Oh slow it down, walk away
and then you swear you`ve heard this shit before
Niggaz say they from the ghetto
Legend has that they from Baltimore
Gotta get the niggaz off the corners now
And we gon` hold it down
Associated, now we made it
What can stop us nowwww? Uhh

[Cooli Hi]
Aiyyo we bash in brains
then hit a nigga pockets for the last of his change
then put a slash through his veins
Bullies of the block we harass in the game
With a sound that`s so hot it turns gas into flames
Y`all keep jumpin around like my raps entertain
Fuck around get beat down with some bats and some chains
When y`all was on them lots droppin cash on the Range
I was tongue-kissin blocks while we stashin them thangs
And now my nigga on, only half of the chains
See the corner`s in the past but my ass is still deranged
I rumble in your ear like that flash when it rains
When it hits ya, get the picture? Knock the glass out the frames
I rap for the name with dope, crack and cocaine
and I`ma drill it in your ear so you can lapse from the pain
And after the fame, I`m goin back to the wane
But for now nigga - bloaw! Feel the wrath from my game


[Make It Hot]
The whole swell hold it down for my hometown
Show the world how we live, how we feel we get down
That`s my mission, show up through my diction
Rep Baltimore every show `til there`s tension
Ain`t the fact that we arrogant, we just go hard
High confidence gottin us feel we should bogard
Take over like Bush did the poll sheets
A lot of rappers fallin off cause their flow weak
That`s what we here for, to bring competition
Battle anybody, we them four lynchmen
Aiyyo I bet we won`t LOSE; what track you wanna USE?
Let`s do it a cappella, freestyle for your SHOES
Nigga, Make It Hot don`t get it twisted, dumb gifted
Baltimore once again if you missed it
Can`t miss The Butch, Make It Hot, Cooli Hi
Associates comin and we knockin niggaz out


Infatuated by the clothes
But it`s more than that you know
Uhh, we got style baby
Infatuated by the style
No it ain`t no stoppin now, nowwww
Ohhh, ohh yeah


[Chorus] - whispered

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