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Diamond f Busta Rhymes

  • Hatred, Passions and Infidelity

    [Chorus 2X: Busta Rhymes] Thisss one, right motherfuckin here! Thisss one, right motherfuckin here! Thisss one, right motherfuckin here! Thisss one.. ha hah, word up.. [Diamond] Now..


  • Синий платочек

    Синенький скромный платочек Падал с опущенных плеч Ты говорила, что не забудешь Ласковых, радостных встреч Порой ночной Мы распрощались с тобой Нет больше ночек Где ты, платочек Милый, желанный, родной Помню, как в памятный вечер Падал платочек твой с...

Music Instructer

  • Hymn

    Give us this day all that you showed me,
    The power and the glory `til thy kingdom come.
    Give me all the story book told me,
    The faith and the glory `til thy kingdom comes.


Dream f Kain, P. Diddy

  • This is Me (Remix)

    [P. Diddy] uh yeah, come on, Bad Boy, baby This - is - the - re - mix, eh heh heh you know how we do DREAM- Melissa, Diana, Ashley, Holly Let`s go baby, come on [Dream] Oh boy, I`m not the one who broke your heart before And I don`t wanna make you hur...

Sisqo f The Associates

  • Off the Corner

    [Sisqo] Uhh, all eyes over here We about to show ya ohh, you know Ballers down the hilllll [The Butch] Yeah, yeah, yeah, uhh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Aiyyo my men-tal is keep the rock cut, keep the glock up Keep the rock pucks in the basement with the ...

Doug E. Fresh f Luke

  • Don`t Be A Menace... soundtrack

    Intro: Luke, (Doug E.Fresh) Freak show baby baby on the dance floor (Who u wit?) There`s a freak, show (Who u wit? Uhh) Uhh ahh, freak it out now (Come on) Uhh ahh, freak it out now (Come on) Uhh ahh, freak it out now (Say what) Uhh ahh, freak it out...

Master P f EA-Ski, Rally Ral

  • 99 Ways to Die

    hahahaha we got a bag full of bullets in this bitch with no name on them you know what I`m saying when you been hit by the bitch you know it was ment for your punk ass my nigga Ski whats up my nigga C whats up my nigga P whats up I`m read to tear sh...

Relient K

  • 12 Days Of Christmas

    On the first day of christmas my true love gave to me a Partridge in a Pear Tree On the second day of Christmas, My true love gave to me, Two Turtle Doves, And a Partridge in a Pear Tree.

Dilated Peoples f Kanye West

  • This Way

    * first single; send corrections to the typist [Kanye West] + (Choir) Now turn it up, turn it up (a little louder) turn it uuuuup, turn it up (little louder) now turn it up (can`t live my, I, I can`t live my) (I can`t live my, I, I can`t live) now tur...

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