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banton pato

  • me name gwarn

    Me Name Gwarn By: Pato Banton CD: Collections G|---------------------------------------------| D|---10-7-8-8--8-------------------------------| A|------------------6-6-8----------------6-6-8-| E|---------------------------8-5-6-6--6--------| Just do...

David Knopfler

  • Heart To Heart

    It`s warm and dark now we`re alone just the music in stereo. Heart beats - skin to skin you knew who was coming Oh yes and she came - Heart to heart - skin to skin did you feel it? - Lovers dancing.

blue oyster cult

  • (Don`t Fear) The Reaper

    Lyrics by Donald Roeser All our times have come Here but now they`re gone Seasons don`t fear the reaper Nor do the wind, the sun or the rain We can be like they are Come on baby... Don`t fear the Reaper Baby take my hand...

David Krutzler

  • I Am David And You Are My Wife. Yeah Yea

    I am David, Yeah Yeah. Who is my wife, who, who, who? Are you?You are Sandra and my wife Yeah Yeah! I love you so, but not too much, because I love my...... Carina Yeah Yeah Yeah.......

David Lee Murphy

  • 100 Years Too Late

    (David Lee Murphy/Dobie Gray) When the sun is dawnin` and he`s just gettin` up Starin` out over the mornin` through the steam off his coffee cup He thinks about a woman whose love he still holds dear A sweetheart he kept hangin` ...

boxcar racer

  • All Systems Go

    [Tom] I left my fear behind me, Of those lights out by the station, The government is lying, The youth they won`t believe them, [Chorus] We can`t go Wrong can`t get Fucked this time Speak up now Lose or get Left behind [Tom] Whe...


  • 2rak005

    ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 2RAK005 BRACKET ----------------------------------------------------------------------- > MEANS STRUM INTRO G]-----------------------------] D]-------...

Shadow Project

  • Death Plays His Role

    Death, death, death ... This is light, die for a time In a sudden end Relax - Relax to the knife Relax - Relax to reality Relax - Relax your eyes What is morality? Death, death, death ...

bragg billy

  • A Pict Song

    Rome never looks where she treads Always her heavy hooves fall On our stomachs our hearts and our heads And Rome never hears when we bawl Her sentries pass on -- that is all And we gather behind them in hordes And plot to reconque...

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