This One — текст песни (Diamond f Busta Rhymes)

[Chorus 2X: Busta Rhymes]
Thisss one, right motherfuckin here!
Thisss one, right motherfuckin here!
Thisss one, right motherfuckin here!
Thisss one.. ha hah, word up..

Now.. I love the way your hair blows in the breeze
The way your fingers move when you roll your trees
After thirty days I`m diggin on your steez
By next year I`ll be down on my knees, uh
When I`m around you I hate to breeze
Seems as if I knew you, when I was rockin Lee`s
Doin needle drops on Pass the Peas
We go together like George and Louise
You had me shaky on the hash from Lebanese
I knew you was dead-ass, when we exchanged keys
Gift certificates from Tiffany`s
Even, showed you the safe where I kept my G`s
I used to, toss and turn now I doze with ease
I wanna grow old, within your squeeze
Sails at night, on the Carribean seas
Coastal trips, in drop-top Z`s


I love the way I feel when we conversate
Eatin at charities at a thousand a plate
Even had a brother on a pair of ice skates
And turned me on to snackin on rice cakes
When it comes to lovin, there`s no debate
No need to swerve cause the sex is great
Every little move I anticipate, but I
take it slow like I`m on a blind date
I`m fiendin for you honey, there`s no escape
I know it`s gonna happen, so I just wait
You even had your girlfriends set some bait (true)
to see if my love would disintergrate
But uhh, you know my style and that ain`t my trait
I stay up late, hit the crates and create
an atmosphere where we can contemplate
on our next move, so things`ll be straight


I like to reminisce about your soft embrace
When we got it on in your lavender lace, uh
Makin moves all over the place
Lickin on each other, not leavin a trace
No more shorts, now you`re rollin with an ace
You got me listenin to Monica and Case
It`s funny how I used to go to face to face
to livin in a six-thousand square feet space
Now I`m laced, the memories can`t be erased
On one-two-five, when I first threw bass
I was a little shy but I still gave chase
Mesmerized, by your exotic taste uh
Complete, you hold heat in your waist
Said you`d be there, if I fall from grace
But `til the day I die I`ma stay in the race
And you can put that on my man Black Stase


[Busta Rhymes]
Yes baby LOVE!
It is YOU that I`m gon` definitely have understand
how much I solidify the firm focus, on you bein the female
Just hold a nigga down baby, I`ll give you the world
Stay tuned love, you`ll see it..

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