Bert Can`t Sleep — текст песни (Sesame Street)

Bert: 18 .... 19 ..... 20 .... Boy, those exercises are great, Ernie, I`m gonna turn the light off now though.

Ernie: OK, Bert.

Bert: (yawns) OK, Ernie ... G`night now sleep tight..

Ernie: G`night Bert ... sweet dreams.

Bert: OK...g`night.

(Sound of water dripping)

Bert: Hey uh...Hey Ern....Ernie?

Ernie: What?

Bert: You uh, hear that? Sounds like water dripping, you know?

Ernie: Is that right? Yeah, it does sound like water dripping. I must`ve left the faucet on a little bit when I washed my hands ... that`s all, Bert .. g`night.

Bert: Hey Ernie, I can`t sleep with the sound of water dripping.

Ernie: You can`t?

Bert: No.

Ernie: Gee.

Bert: Well, would you do me a favor and do something about the sound of that water dripping?

Ernie: Sure, Bert. Anything for you. I don`t mind at all. Ol` Ernie will take care of it alright. (Ernie gets out of bed)

Bert: Good.

(Radio blasts which causes Bert to jerk out of bed)

Bert: Ernie! Ernie what is that?

Ernie: That`s the radio, Bert.

Bert: Ernie, the radio?!

Ernie: Yeah, well you said you couldn`t sleep with the sound of that water dripping, well, this way you can`t hear that old faucet hardly at all, can you, Bert? Keeheehee.

Bert: No, I can`t hear the water dripping anymore .. but I can hear the radio and you know what, Ernie? I can`t sleep with the sound of that radio either it`s so loud! Ernie! Aww..come on!

Ernie: Well don`t worry about it, Bert, I mean `ol Ernie will take care of that too. I`ll do that for you, Bert.

Bert: Alright!

(Ernie turns the vacuum cleaner on which causes Bert to jerk out of bed again)

Bert: Ernie! Ern...what`re you doing? Why`d you turn the vacuum cleaner on?!

Ernie: What`s that Bert? I can`t hear you!

Bert: I said, why`d you turn the vacuum cleaner ooooonnnnn?!!!!!

Ernie: Well you said you couldn`t sleep with the sound of the radio, well this way, you can`t hear that radio hardly at all!!!!!!

Bert: All right. All right ... Ernie, stay where you are .. stay where you are, don`t move.

Ernie: OK Bert! G`niiiiiiight!!!!!

Bert: First, I`m gonna get this vaccum cleaner. There. I`m gonna shut this radio off now! I`m gonna ... Ok, I shut the radio off, now I`m gonna get the water .. There ... OK .... Alright, now we can finally get some sleep with some nice peace and quiet (Bert gets into bed) *mutters* Boy, this is ridculous.

(Ernie snores)

Bert: Ernie? Ernie you`re snoring.

(Ernie snores again)

Bert: Ernie!! *sigh* It`s not fair, it`s just not fair.

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