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Diplomats, The

  • Beautiful Noise

    [Jim Jones]
    My homey Cash, well he gone for five
    Send my prayers, do your thing, I`ll be going for mine
    Shit, we live life to the fullest
    Three hundred and sixty five nights on the strike, that`s a bullet
    Shit, and ...

Jacques Dutronc and Etienne Daho

  • Tous Les Goыts Sont Dans Ma Nature

    Certains l`aiment tфt
    Certains l`aiment tard
    Certains l`aiment chaud
    D`autres tartare

    Le plaisir n`a pas de mesure
    Tous les goыts sont dans ma nature
    Tous les goыts sont dans la nature


Killah Priest f Kurupt

  • Militant

    [Intro: Killah Priest] It`s too militant, it`s too militant Aiyo, aiyo, aiyo, aiyo [Killah Priest] Aiyo, we night breathe, move through the night at light speed With Timb`s on, baggy denims and white tees We rest inside our tents, with Mr.


  • v-day

    From: col3@aber.ac.uk Date: Fri, 2 Jun 1995 16:00:16 +0100 Subject: TAB: V-Day by THE WiLDHEARTS V - DAY ======= The Wildhearts from the album p.h.u.q., track 2.

Hanim Liza

  • Airmata Di Kuala Lumpur

    Copyright Controlled Airmata di Kuala Lumpur Jatuh berkecai hancur berderai Aku menangis tidak terhingga Putus kasih yang tak ku duga Dikau pergi tak tinggal pesan Hancur musnah impian mulia Istana ku bina menjadi pusara Gelaplah ...


  • Sea Of Love

    I know where I will find you In the ocean deep and blue We know every dream is true I know everytime you leave The picture of you...

Jacques Dutronc

  • A La Vie, A L`Amour

    Je veux mourir dans ton lit,
    Non pas de pleurйsie,
    Mais mourir assouvi
    De tes cajoleries.
    Amour, tu me tueras.
    Ton premier vrai soupir
    Pour mon dernier soupir
    Et te faire tressaillir
    Avant de m`йva...


  • PieThe Rock F/ Slick Rick

    [Intro: The Rock (Slick Rick)] Hmm, mmm-mmm-mmm You know The Rock`s gonna tell you a little story You ain`t gonna believe it, but he`s gonna tell you anyway It`s tough to be The Rock! Ah-na-na, shut your mouth, no no It really is!...


  • A Moment Of Clarity

    Without beginning, without the end (our lifeblood) the road for the spiritual outlaws is never ending and so is the hunt for all those answers the devil may hold your truth, what a fucking relief it would be (to know) bluecold and...

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