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David Wilcox (Canadian)

  • Between the Lines

    Dear darling I love you always Some things never change Our love is one of them That`s what you say In your letter Of only yesterday But there`s another story Hidden on the pages Where though I can see it Only hearts can feel t...

Art Company

  • Susanna

    (Lance/Bogman/Foggo) We sit together on the sofa With the music way down low I waited so long for this moment It`s hard to think it`s really so The door is locked there`s no one home They`ve all gone out we`re all alone Su-sanna, ...

Lavallee Nicholas

  • Another Monday

    Do you ever get the feeling that it`s Monday everyday? Most people just accept it, but there must be another way.

Heltah Skeltah

  • Black Fonzerelliz

    Aye yo Im Sean Price Im six foot one Dark skinned stocky build with a big gun Sick sons are the ones with the lump sums Stick guns get funds make your chick come My chick done said she like the way I toke blunts Drink liquor write...

Salt `n` Pepa

  • A Salt With A Deadly Pepa

    I`m Salt here to resource so start steppin`
    When me and my homegirl Pepa start pepperin`
    Try and dis the girls try to stand tall shorty
    The girls got naughty we went Top Forty
    Call in the troops we`re comin` out b...

Art Garfunkel

  • (What A) Wonderful World

    What a wonderful
    wonderful world this could be.
    What a wonderful
    wonderful world.

    Don`t know much about history.
    Don`t know much biology.
    Don`t know much about science bo...

Lavender Gold Brown

  • She

    she watched the water, glimmering in the sun. she watched the birds, flying through the sky. she watched the kids, playing in the field. she watched the dog, catching the frisbee. she watched her friends, laugh and smile.

Lavern Raphael

  • The Invitation

    Come let us bow before him Come lay our gifts before him Come let us praise the name of the lord with our hands lifted high Kneel before the lord our maker As we worship him in one accord Come glorify the name of the lord Fo...

bay city rollers

  • dedication

    Here is Dedication by the Bay City Rollers stripped down to the basic chords. Lots of strings and orchestra`s in the original versions but can be performed nicely on acoustic guitar only.

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