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Flesh N Bone, R.W.O. more

  • Untouchable

    Verse 1: Lets grab and get it, hangin` from the celing`, Cause the H-town been in that zone in to that zone. Way you`ll never make it home. What did I do wrong? Hatin on Ei & Bone. Its crucial mistakes in the game were we play no room for hata`s.

Daniel Powter

  • Bad Day

    Where is the moment we need at the most
    You kick up the leaves and the magic is lost
    They tell me your blue skies fade to grey
    They tell me your passion`s gone away
    And I don`t need no carryin` on

    You st...

Ja Rule f Black Child, D.O. Cannons, You

  • Things Gon` Change

    [Verse 1: Ja Rule] First off, fuck the snitch and that Unit he claim Fuck Dre partial, and Eminem Plus the world heard it before, they tired of them And they waitin` for that thug shit from Rule again And Proff can bomb proff your hummer then Put a ves...

Krayzie Bone f Thug Queen, Souljah Boy,

  • Armageddon

    (Krayzie) The Time has come Let us unite, Mount! (Thug Queen) My heavenly father;s children (My haevenly father) The time has come for judgement Armageddon False prophets never blend in For we are (we are) Revelation angels descending (my lordy lord) ...

Estados Alterados

  • La Fiebre De Marzo

    Ella estб inquieta pero va despacio
    Va dejando el rastro que quiere dejar
    Ni sabe muy bien para donde va
    Pero si ella busca jamбs te lo dirб

    Ella tiene la fiebre de marzo
    No va a parar hasta explotarlo

Konnan f Mad Dog

  • Arriva La Razza

    [Intro] Awwww, yeah, K-Diggity Dawg being down for my peoples, nWo let`s set it off cuz it`s on now, yeah [Chorus] Bow wow wow yippie yo yippie yay Arriva La Razza all day every day Bow wow wow yippie yo yippie yay Oh La La all day every day [Mad One...

Outerspace f Celph Titled

  • Revolution

    [Celph Speaking] Whattup whattup whattup [Crypt Speaking] Yo, OS, Celph Titled baby What`s goin` down [Celph Speaking] My niggaz, yo spit that shit [Crypt The Warchild] I`ma known beast sick with it full blown speech Buryin` bones deep beneath the s...

Funkmaster Flex f Busta Rhymes, M.O.P.,

  • Ante Up (Remix)

    [Busta Ryhmes] Attention please, attention please!! This shit here feels like a whole entire WORLD collapsed! Motherfuckerrrrrrrrrr! Yeah, yeah, yeah (yeah) yeah! Yeah (yeah) yeah (yeah) yeah (yeah) Buck (buck) buck (buck) buck (buck) buck (buck) buck...

Joe f Mariah Carey, Nas

  • Thank God I Found You (Make it Last Remi

    [Intro: Nas] Uh, Cluemanati MC to the J-O-E Nastradamus, uh, remix For the world Make it real, baby Uh, Desert Storm, baby Uh, check it, this for you [Verse 1: Nas] Let`s show the world You my golden girl When we shoppin` They see us on the streets th...

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