Thank God I Found You (Make it Last Remi — текст песни (Joe f Mariah Carey, Nas)

[Intro: Nas]
Uh, Cluemanati
MC to the J-O-E
Nastradamus, uh, remix
For the world
Make it real, baby
Uh, Desert Storm, baby
Uh, check it, this for you

[Verse 1: Nas]
Let`s show the world
You my golden girl
When we shoppin`
They see us on the streets they say, Son, scooped a hot one
You taste like banana cake, you shaped like the number eight
And you my number one candidate
I can`t lose you, it`s like I`m bettin` in Vegas, crucial
Swatin` these players is wantin` you boo
I get the chills when you in my sight
Feels like it`s meant to be right
I feel a rush when I kiss you at night, uh

[Verse 2: Joe]
Sorty knows shes my baby girl and
Player haters try hard to get her
But she`ll be lounging in my cradle tonight, oouh
Typically, I wouldn`t say this
But you see your love has got me faded
No girl ever made me feel like you do, ow

[Verse 3: Mariah Carey]
I`m a be here night after night to
Feel your lovin` arms around me, baby
Baby, baby, baby, you make it all right
No one but you, baby, baby, can make me feel
The way you make me, make me, make me feel, whoa..

[Chorus: Nas, (Joe, Mariah Carey)]
We make it last, make it last
We make it last, make it last (make it last)
We make it last, make it last
We make it last, make it last (don`t let our love end)
We make it last, make it last (don`t you let it end)
We make it last, make it last (make it last forever and ever)
We make it last, make it last (thank God I found you)
We make it last, make it last

[Verse 4: Joe, (Mariah Carey)]
Your touch is wonderful, so wonderful
Your love (is so marvelous)
Joy, that`s what I feel
When I`m wth you, (yeah), yeah
Nothing, no one (no one, boy)
Could compare to what we have (oh, no, baby)
Love, it feels so good
I`m so glad your mine
oh, oh, oh, oh..


[Verse 5: Nas]
What, a thug`s dream wife, jeans tight, beautiful skin
Matchin` brown Timbs, hot as jalapenos
She knows how to hide the ninos
The rap root of Valentino
And B5 become the black Al Pacino
Relax, sweetie, in Benz you could watch the t.v
Or lay back and pump Mariah`s hot cd
And I`m a touch you in the wrong places
Or we could walk through the park
Above in all faces, I`m lost in your love
Thank God I found you my crown jewel
I`m sayin`, boo, the type I`d give my last name to
At Lovers Lane
Put the top up when it start to rain in the parkin` lot
Then we finish doin` our thing
Fog the windows
Gettin` very sentimental
Sippin` Cosmos with the cherry in the middle
I keep it honest, word is real, that`s my promise
Signin` off, truly yours, Nastradamus

[Chorus] + (Joe, Mariah Carey)

(Thank God I found you)
(I was so lost without you)
(My every wish and every dream)
(Somehow became reality)
(For the sunshine, oh baby...)

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