Arriva La Razza — текст песни (Konnan f Mad Dog)

Awwww, yeah, K-Diggity Dawg
being down for my peoples, nWo
let`s set it off cuz it`s on now, yeah

Bow wow wow
yippie yo yippie yay
Arriva La Razza
all day every day
Bow wow wow
yippie yo yippie yay
Oh La La
all day every day

[Mad One]
From la Lucha Libre to the WCW
cannot, the hippest straight up flubinue
And from the oh la lay esse to the yes yes yall
who wants to step to my homeboy K-Dawg
and get slammed on the mat
gets your whole head cracked
the women whistlin locos on a future soul track

I step to the ring yelling ORALE!
from Me-xi-co all the way to the USA
Puttin gauchos and stasso in lassos
Gettin scuffed up, boy I`ll freakin ruff up
Tequila Sunrise you watch them burn
what we do was shot the bottle
and we eat the worm
and now its our turn

[Mad One]
Bald heads, tatoos and pinto tents
from the Sons of DV for the world to see me
then back to the ghetto
again the world to sin
the mother keeps crying
cuz the children keeps dying

In this hot evil pot we all melt
how can I help the world
if I can`t help myself
so call it quits or get hit
and get your wig split
who the hell you think you are dealin with, esse?

CHORUS (2 times)

[Mad One]
What do you know
about Tequila Sunrise
and what do you know
about the ghetto life
the K the D the O the G
down with the M the A the D O-N-E

So punk the future
from the revolution
I feel like an animal
I`ll eat you like a cannibal
That`s how it is
and that`s how it`s gonna be
I represent the La Razza
cuz I also represent me

[Mad One]
So I open up my eyes
I can`t be livin in the dark
I gotta be careful
when I take my daughter to the park
Ballios and vallio
and block after block
there`s hyperdermic needles
in the children`s sandbox
I stop on the rewind
the blancha just hates me
It always amaze me
why they look at me crazy

When there is no help
and there is no second chance
cuz this chain around my neck
won`t let this pedro dance

[Mad One]
Bow wow wow
yippie yo yippie yay
la needles su needles
all day every day
oh how I love it
I just can`t just get enough
Mad One and K-Dawg
so what`s up doc?


[Fade out]
Bow wow wow
yippie yo yippie yay
Bow wow wow
yippie yo yippie yay

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