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  • Водка

    Триста шестьдесят и шесть...
    То ли приз, а то ли месть,
    То ли кубок, то ли невод -
    Дней не счесть:
    Вот последний декабрист,
    Разговорчивый таксист,
    Я для всех его историй -
    Белый лист...


Cidado Quem

  • A Lente Azul

    (Duca Leindecker) Com os olhos nus Me deparei Com as lentes azuis Nos olhos de algum Que nunca mais vou encontrar E sigo a vida Atravs da lente azul Refro: Da lente azul Tudo igual Ningum tem fome Ningum se sente mal Pena no s...

Devin Townsend

  • 3 Am

    Time will be on my side
    No looking back this time
    All that I`ve known is gone
    Time to be moving on...



  • Amber... Tears Of Yarila

    O, Yarila! God of Sunlight! O, Yarila! Defender of Fate! I am your Son, give me your Immortal Soul! You see... Others Gods came into this World...

The Monkees

  • 99 Pounds

    I tell ya she`s a heart breaker And you can`t tell me she ain`t There`s a little devil in her Under all that powder and paint And she can hang you up every night And get you so uptight She`s 99 pounds, I said 99 pounds, She`s 99 p...


  • Say Somthing Else

    Well I never told you I was good or honest
    I lie and I cheat and I can`t keep a promise

    Fighting the feelings you run all the time
    Fighting your feet kind of burns all your time
    You say `I really wanna be around`


  • America The Pitiful

    Oh pitiful for smoggy skies With amber lanes of waste With Dreadful mountain poverty`s So many infants slain America, America God shed his wrath on thee No livelihood, It`s just not good From sea to blackened sea Time ticks away...


  • Between The Lines

    Rise And Shine Face To The Wind Don`t Hang Your Head It`s On The Skin Another Day Alive Brings Me To My Feet Again Stand Up Straight Don`t Die Finding The Simple Life Is Meaningless Your Candy-Coated Eye Says I Won`t Be Home Again...

Ciera Wentzel

  • Things To Give

    All the things I have to give, always come out the same. All the things I have to give, I will never claim the blame. When your feeling special, I`ll be there to share it.

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