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  • I like the way

    There`s so many things i like about you, I.. I just don`t know where to begin, I like the way you, look at me with those beautiful eyes, I like the way you, act all surprised, I like the way you, sing along, I like the way you, always get it wrong, I ...

Dave Edmunds

  • Almost Saturday Night

    Almost Saturday Night
    (John Fogerty)
    Album: Twangin`

    Outside my window,
    I can hear the radio,
    And I know that motor wagon gettin` ready to fly,
    ’Cause it’s almost Saturday night!

    Bye-bye t...

Benassi Bros Sandy

  • Illusion

    I wanna be your illusion, be your illusion To make you happy tonight, Enjoy this trip with me I wanna be your emotion, be your emotion Why don`t you turn off the light, Imagine how we could be leavin Sometimes I won-der why we have no limits Everythi...

Dave Hollister

  • A Women Will

    Mmm, mmm, mmm Mmm, mmm Woo, mmm Its funny how a woman does so much Theres nothin she wont do when she trusts you She will let you in She will lift you up She will take good good care of you Have you on your knees poppin ...

La Bouche

  • A Moment Of Love

    I need to say what`s on my mind I have been shy but now it`s time To share this moment that I have memorised I had a vision, yes a dream, it left me breathless on its wings Your arms are open, you`re waiting just for me No-o...


  • Be Yourself (Easy As A

    [Lauryn - Singing]
    Can you tell me how to to get to Sesame Street?
    (Check it out, here we go!) - Wyclef

    [Lauryn- Singing (Chorus)]
    Be yourself (Just be yourself)
    Easy as A-B-C (A-B-C)


  • Alpine Lawine

    Intro Alpenglühn in der Straßenbahn edelweiße Lust und Jodlerwahn trachtig krachtig grüner Wams aufgestickt eine schwarze Gams Man träumt mal wieder von alten Sagen kerngesundem Bergvolk mit knackigen ...


  • Все дела

    Если ты горишь в оге Если замерзаешь ты Просто позвони-ка мне Я твоё ноль три, ты моё ноль три Все дела заброшу я, и все дела С тобой мы будем до утра Гореть и мёрзнуть вместе А все дела заброшу я, и все дела С тобой мы будем до утра Гореть и мёрзнут...


  • Cvjm

    Junge warum hängst du so rum ich sag Junge dafür gibt`s keinen Grund ich sag Junge sieh dich mal richtig um es gibt so viel zu erleben.

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