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  • Kalanmaksaoljy

    Tuolla meren takana on pieni saarivaltio ja sen kuningas on hyvin pieni valtias ja hnet uhataan erottaa valtaistuimelta eik hn ees ole iloinen.

Musikanten Quartett

  • RosaRosaNina

    Pack deine sieben Sachen ein. fahr in den goldnen Sonnenschein such dir die schönsten Weg aus laß deine Sorgen zu Haus! Schon nach dem ersten Alpenpaß hast du an dieser Reise Spaß und wenn dir dann der Vino...

Total Devastation

  • Cloud Nine

    [VERSE 1] Oh no I can`t thank my mind went blank I`m puffin on the puffin on the humble dank I`m comin like a tank with money in the bank And now my breaths stank cause I`m drunk off drank I`m rollin like a scoota puffin on a hoota I Made a lot of ...

Stormtroopers Of Death

  • Douche Crew

    =========== Why do you play so be cool? If you think you`ll`re just fools Trying to be something...that you`re not And all you do is fill our ears...with rot You claim to play hardcore Well that`s a bu...

Good Riddance

  • 30 Day Wonder

    the distance between the things you say
    And your actions tell me everything
    You never could so I`ll keep my grip and stay away

    Why should I waste my time?
    When you can`t tell wrong from right?
    If you had your...

Hallyday Johnny

  • La Generation Perdue

    Les mains tendues tu rclames la libert A ton pre qui ne peut pas, ne veut pas comprendre Il voudrait te voir derrire son tabli Un marteau en main tout` ta vie Samedi soir la sortie est obligatoire Et s`arrte au cinma Dans les froi...


  • Turning Japanese

    I`ve got your picture Of me and you You wrote I love you I love you too I sit there staring and there`s nothing else to do Oh it`s in color Your hair is brown Your eyes are hazel And soft as clouds I often kiss you when there`s n...

World Class Wreckin Cru`

  • Turn Off the Lights

    Hey what`s happening baby I`m the one who needs no introduction Cuz I`m the world class doctor The master of seduction I can heal all your ills And give you extreme delight But only if you allow me To turn off the lights 1 - Before you turn off the l...

Krumb Snatcha f GangStarr

  • Incredible

    [Hook: DJ Premier cuts & scratches] I guess my time is here Suppress my fear I`m ready -> Krumb Boston, state of mind stay sick -> Antonio Twice Thou (Made Men) Live rounds, five pounds of heat -> Antonio Twice Thou (Made Men) Incredible I guess my ti...

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