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Sam The Sham And The Pharaohs

  • Little Red Riding Hood

    Howl Who`s that I see walking in these woods. Why it`s Little Red Riding Hood. Hey there Little Red Riding Hood. You sure are lookin` good. You`re everything a big bad wolf could want. Howl.

Kurupt and Roscoe

  • Hood in Yo Life

    [Kurupt] I`m more than intelligent, I`m more like irrelevant I ain`t nothin` that you see It`s just you and me and the street It`s just him and her and the heat I don`t need to watch the clock I`m a ox, I`m Hussein, pure butane I`m theory, I`m clearly ...

Red Warszawa

  • 2000 Tyskere

    Red Warszawa
    2000 Tyskere
    2000 tyskere på Højbroplads
    stod og skreg mens de sprøjtede sig med hash
    så kom en betjent med en .......


  • TLC Hands Up

    rolled into the club start to get my grub on nothin like those Krispie Kreams soon as I was done it was time to get my groove on in a place thats happening and I knew that it was on . . .


  • A Man In Your Head

    Wake up! They try to steal the man in your head make you kneel in front of icons They took the place which wasn`t theirs enslave you with a power they don`t have don`t need to be guided their lambs become rams tell them the unive...

Mucky Pub

  • Hippies Hate Water

    I`m just a man, Dan`s got a future, with a fast picking hand, but my brother, my brother like my mother, they`re living back, in the dead head fad, well don`t be sad, they may be ugly, but they`re not that bad, their only faulter ...


  • Mrs. Wades A Bitch

    I kinda know this old lady, she is my health teacher, she took my cell phone up, then she took away my beeper, she said I shouldn`t have it, and I should be learnin, but there aint no need in knowin how bad her pussys burnin...


  • Blood of the Martyr

    Wires drawn tightly around the fingers until they become one solid mass separated again by wedges others sawn in half bound to the framework with thin cords wrapped three times around the limbs poles inserted between the boards gr...

Statler Brothers, The

  • Flowers On The Wall

    I keep hearin` you`re concerned about my happiness
    But all that thought you`ve given me is conscience I guess
    If I were walkin` in your shoes, I wouldn`t worry none
    While you and your friends are worryin` `bout me, I`m havin` l...

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