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Paul Wall f Bun B, H.A.W.K., Killer Mike

  • Dat`s What Dat Is

    (*talking*) Killer kill from the Ville, Killer Mike In the motherfucking building nigga Y`all already know, Killa kill putting it down New South Movement, mo`fucker New South Movement, South Lee Southwest Click [Hook - 9x] That`s what that is pimp [B...

Jaz-O (Jaz) f Dibiase, Jay-Z

  • Let`s Go

    [Jaz-O] Understand the moment Stop everything The originator The alpha and omega [Jay-Z] We at 80 right now Jaz we almost at 100 [Jaz-O] The first and the last I am here Kings County, we outside yall, lets go niggas [Jaz-O] God`s here, the Aston...

Lil Flip f Trick Daddy

  • For My Thugs

    Lil Flip, Trick Daddy... [Hook: Trick Daddy - 2x] I`m doing this one for the thugs And them boys down South, much love for the thugs yes sir For the thugs, and them boys in the city Much love for the thugs, yes sir [Lil Flip] From city to city, state...

Дарья Клюшникова

  • Сердце не тронешь

    1 куплет:
    Забилась в душу боль, я с нею говорю
    И крылья я свои, прохожим подарю.
    Любовь на что нибудь осталось заменить
    С тобой и без тебя, я снова буду жить.

    Припев: (2 раза)
    Ты не тронешь, сердце не т...

Крупп Арон

  • Акселерация

    Пристроились морщиночки промежду глаз,
    И разные причиночки канают нас.
    И это не доделано и то не так...
    Изменяет тело нам.

X-Raided f Chill Bola

  • Let it be Known

    [Chill Bola] I`m so sick of these little trick ass cats and their bitch ass raps acting like they factors they ain`t nothing but rappers they need to miss us with that shit, that they try to make us believe you ain`t no killas dog, just like you rap an...

Afghan Whigs

  • Be Sweet

    Ladies, let me tell you about myself
    I got a dick for a brain
    And my brain is gonna sell my ass to you
    Now I`m OK, but in time I`ll find I`m stuck
    `Cause she wants love, and I still want to fuck
    Now that I`m ashamed...

Faith Evans f Black Rob

  • Love Like This (Remix)

    Puff: Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm Yeah, let`s go, c`mon, yeah Let`s go, come on, yeah Let`s go, come on, this is the remix Puff Daddy, Prestige, Faith Evans Faith Evans: I never knew (I hear ya) there was a (c`mon) Love like this before (let`s go, yeah) Never ...

Jigmastas f Mos Def, Mr. Complex, P. Mon

  • Lyrical Fluctuation (DJ Spinna Remix)

    [Kriminul] By the some of the shit y`all spit, it`s hard to keep interest in this game And I know some of y`all don`t like the shit that we spit we feel the same See the plan ??? don`t roll with a lot of niggaz just a few friends And I blast before a n...

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