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Control Denied

  • Believe

    Do you believe what some might say can`t be could be reality Let seven be the one for me; six chapters of life laced with mystery... Awaiting discovery Immune you become a war to be won the soul of a voice...

Squirrel Nut Zippers

  • (you Are My) Radio

    The melody that`s haunting me won`t disappear You are that sweet song that I long to hear You`re my relation, my favorite station, that I`ll never change You are so near, so loud and clear, you are my radio I`ve fallin` head long ...

The Supertroupers

  • Thank Abba For The Music

    Take a chance Take a chance (3x) Take a chance If you change your mind I`m the first in line Honey I`m still free Take a chance on me If you need me Let me know Gonna be around If you got no place to go When you`re feeling down ...

The Supremes

  • (Ain`t That)Good News

    (S. Cooke) Oh my baby`s comin home tomorrow Ain`t that good news Yeah, ain`t that news My baby is coming home tomorrow Ain`t that news Yeah, ain`t that news I got a letter just the other day Telling me that he was on his way An...


  • Ни слова о любви

    Осталась с небом над землею и не смей
    Даже облаком проплыть надо мной
    Досталось каждому свое - тебе и мне
    Все проходит, наступает покой

    Остался белым снег, прозрачною вода
    Не случится ничего никогда

Alexander o`Neal & Cherille

  • Never Knew Love Like This

    You are my favourite lady and you are my favourite man

    you are

    So it feels good to know that you feel the same.
    And forever and a day together we will be

    Nothing on this earth could ever tak...

Geschwister Fahrenberger

  • Wenn die Alpenrosen blühn

    Wenn die Alpenrosen blühn

    wenn die Berge rot erglühn

    die seit Ewigkeiten stehn

    dann ist die Welt auch heut noch schön!
    Wenn im Tal die Linde rauscht

    wenn dei...

Other Ones, The

  • Holiday

    Another holiday -
    you`re walking straight ahead

    But you`re looking to your right

    Got your eyes down low but you hold your head high.
    A holo hola ho and a hola hola hey - another holiday.

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