Holding On — текст песни (Good Riddance)

I`ve thought it through & I think you`re right
And you`re not missing much
There`s something pure
That you can`t hold against a simple touch
So many choices and the pressure
We all bring to bear
Your strength works miracles
And touches those who try to care
I believe in you
And I hope you see it through
Your resolve is inspiration in my life
It takes alot now
So few who feel the same
When it means enough
Not to give it away now
Finding it hard
Not to think in terms of yesterday
Finding it strange
That somebody else could feel that way
It must be hard sometimes
To stand behind your chastity
And I wish that I could be the one
But it`s not me I`ll never set you free
Hold on because you`ve got alot to believe in

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