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Doro Und Warlock

  • Fuer Immer

    Bleib` Dir treu Niemals auseinandergeh`n Werden zuenandersteh`n - fuer immer - Keine macht Wird uns jemals trenen Werde wie ein Tier drum kaempfen Du lernst mich kennen! Denn Freunde geh`n mit ueber alles - immer - Ich werd` immer...

Michelle Wright

  • A Heartbeat Away

    I love you and you say that you love me too. And you come so close but you always stay just a heartbeat away. I look in your eyes and I see that you don`t realize how I need you to be even closer to me than a heartbeat away.

Doro W.

  • Losing Courage

    Never had this feeling Never so strong before It was more than a romance And nothing but a lie Robbed of a naive illusion Faith is slowly fading away All that remains is confusion And the desire to forget this pain Losing courag...

The Von Bondies

  • Pawn Shoppe Heart

    I found my heart In a pawn shop, baby You took me for dead - dead By the way - you still I am way past tales I`m bored and I`m crazy You took all my good love And gave it all away I`ve been on the backstreet I`m all alon...

The W`s

  • Dexter

    Dexter was this little town my family used to live in. All my kin lived real close and everyone had an opinion. Grandma and gramps lived up the street right next to the walnut tree. Grandpa died of parkinsons in 1983.

Wu-Tang Clan f Snoop Dogg

  • Conditioner

    [ODB + Snoop] Yeah Huh, huh Yeah Fo` sho`, fo` sho`, you know that... Knowhatimsayin, tired of takin motherfuckin bullets for niggas and shit Knowhatimsayin? I feel you my nigga Catchin 45s, being chased by the government, shit like that I`m diggin it ...

Blue County

  • Good Little Girls

    She`s her Momma`s baby, she`s her Daddy`s pride an` joy. They`ve kept her under wraps, she ain`t been hangin` out, With any ugly actin` boys. Hardly ever been kissed, twenty years of innocence, Just what I`m lookin` for.

The Waifs

  • Billy Jones

    Well we grew up together in an urban town Just me and Billy Jones always hanging around He was a Mumma`s little boy, he was an only child His clothes were always neat and his hair carefully styled All the games we`d play I couldn...

Outlasting The Crowd

  • Blame Me

    I waited for your call all alone, but it never came. I turn out the lights at half past one, still I felt the same. You told me that we would try, to be something more.

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