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Trick Daddy f Society

  • America

    [Trick Daddy] `Posed to be... Land of the free I don`t see how Count me in Uh America Oh America Ha-ha-ha America (America) Sweet land of liberty y`all I`m doing this one for the struggle And every bad doin` brotha Sista, daddy and mother Who livin` i...

Ashanti Caddillac Tah

  • Irv Gotti Presents

    * send corrections to the typist [ad-libs: Ashanti] In the beginning... When no one else was around... You were there... And now.. that everything is good... You gotta know... I`ll ride out with you... forever...

Tha Dogg Pound f Xzibit

  • Livin Tha Gangsta Life

    [Man talking] He repeats an alleged conversation Between Snoop and an unnamed L.A. sheriff`s lieutenant Officer: I think I know who killed Tupac Snoop: I do too, the guy who was seated next to him Officer: You mean, Suge Knight? Snoop: Yes [Daz Dillin...

Afrika Bambaata

  • Planet Rock

    Party people Party people Can y`all get funky? Soul Sonic Force - can y`ll get funky? The Zulu Nation - can y`ll get funky? Yaaah! Just hit me Just taste the funk and hit me Just get on down and hit me Bambaataa`s jus` gettin` so funky, now, hit me Yaa...

Creatures, The

  • 2nd Floor

    Apartment door
    Is left ajar
    An eye in the glass
    On the parquet floor
    All the guests
    Have left and gone
    But I`m still here
    On the 2nd floor

    In an amber glow
    A vodka bath...

jugheads revenge

  • 49 61

    title: 49/61 By: Jughead`s revenge Intro G|------------------------------------------------------------- D|------------------------------------------------------------- A|-555555------------------------------------------------------ E|--------5555555...

Summer Obsession, The

  • Corrosive

    My skin is burnin` like a red hot
    I hear you `till my ears pop
    And I can feel errosion in my bones
    Pull over let me out at the next stop
    I remember how your jaw dropped
    When I screamed I`ve got to go

The Union f Blaze, Sticky Fingaz, X-1

  • Livin-N-Hell

    (Do you believe in God? `98 nigga) [Sticky Fingaz] I`m from New York nigga, the murder capital Come in my hood wearin the wrong shit, they might cap you I`m a sinner, I hope God forgive me At the rate I`m goin now my moms`ll probably out-live me All m...

Nothing Sacred

  • Bloody Battlefield

    No grass grows on the battle field Just the number of the dead To get peace and harmony There has to be bloodshed? Soldiers of war Are playing for their lives In this deadly game of chess Where hate, and patriotism thrives No more! This is fucking mu...

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