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Tina Arena

  • Aimer jusqu’а l’impossible

    Je n`ai connu qu`une histoire d`amour
    Au fil de ma vie
    Cet homme m`a promis les toujours
    Et puis s`est enfui

    C’est la couleur de l’enfer
    Quand les mensonges salissent tout
    J’aurai pu sombrer sous la col...

U-God f INF-Black, Letha Face

  • Here We Come

    [Intro: INF-Black] Gangster this and gangster that Half of ya`ll ain`t gangstas, so hold that *gun shot* Blaow! [U-God] I got a deathwish, my playlist is wreckless Almost famous but the natives gettin` restless Leave `em breathless, guess who popped u...

Bavu Blakes f Jade

  • Create & Hustle

    * send corrections to the typist (Jade) Issues get choosed, therefore I choose to digest issues Like all these wack mc`s that do all that wackin` Get all whacked up in the face if they keep up all this actin` I`ma bend you over tha old bones With thes...


  • (Hot Pool Of) Womanneed

    That happy updraft that wafts me hither. Spurned by man nor beast. Draws my love-a-bubblin` in there. Into that hot pool of Womanneed. Like the rud of two sticks wooden. This Womanneed is old as fire.

s club 7

  • Alive

    I still remember it was day number one
    We hit the ground and then we started to run
    Now we`re connected and I won`t turn around
    Cause you set me free, put my soul at ease

    I just can`t stop the feeling
    What y...

sanson veronique

  • Alia Souza

    Alia Sosa n`a que trois ans Elle a l`habitude quand elle s`en va De laisser mon c?ur tout vide la De laisser mon c?ur tout vide la Papa Sosa rest longtemps Pcher le corail du fond de l`eau Qu`il lui donne le soir en cadeau Qu`il l...

saw doctors

  • All The Way From Tuam

    l`m from the town drenched in football and rain that fathered the terrible twins tom murphy the footballer, playwright and singer he left to spread his wide wings where the dance halls once buzzing with shifts and refusals s...

scarecrow and tinmen

  • u r my son

    Scarecrow and Tinmen, U R My Son Album: Technofolk Road Intro: D (4) Gsus (4) x2 Verse: D (4) G (4) x4 Pre Chorus: Bm (4) Bm (4) D (4) G (4) D (4) G (4) x1 Chorus: D (2) G (2) Em (20 A (2) x4 After chorus: D (2) G (2) D (2) A (2) x1 Then p...

Barcode Brothers

  • Ambient

    Consider this: 92% of the world`s population feel that their lives could be better --- what about you? If you could do anything, anything at all, what would you do? What are you doing now? Imagine that you could live your life knowing that it could not...

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