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  • Are you kidding` me?

    Sure got my piece of heaven
    An angel in disguise
    Gone wild

    But I thought you were a man
    Who knew right from wrong
    That`s why I really don`t understand
    Why he`s with her

    It`s killing ...

James Brown f Leaders of the New School

  • Can`t Get Any Harder

    (Get up) (The star of the show Hard-working Mr. Dynamite Jaaaaaames Brown) (Brown) (Brown) (Brown)..

To Die For

  • Dripping Down Red

    She stalks at night with hunger
    She takes you down and leaves you cold

    Lady in black the fallen angel
    Nocturnal beauty with looks that kill

    Dripping down all red

    Night by night down to it

Владимир Туриянский

  • Господа капитаны

    Господа капитаны, что-то Вас не пойму,
    Исчезают каштаны в сигаретном дыму.
    Разве метеосводка нас удержит в плену?
    А упрямая лодка режет носом волну.

    Кто завел нас в болото? Дождь и пахнет снежком.
    Вид у нас, ...

Kurupt f Nate Dogg

  • Behind the Walls

    [Kurupt] Burn so crooked (crooked) The poet likes to spit (spit) Kareem, that`s my dog Life, Behind the Walls Nigga life, behind the walls Yeah, welcome to +Oz+ niggaz, surprise niggaz..

Billy Burnette

  • (Can`t Stop) Got A Little Rock In My Sho

    Written by Billy Burnette and Kostas. (chorus) (Got a) rock in my shoe, a rock in my shoe Driving me crazy Won`t come loose Rattle and shake, blowing a fuse Can`t stop got a little rock in my shoe When I was a baby, long ago M...

Jagged Edge f Big Boi (OutKast)

  • Car Show

    Intro: Uno, get down, dos, get down (x3) Uno, get down, uno, dos, tres College park (stay with us), East Point, Decatur, Downtown Atlanta [Jagged Edge: Verse 1] Rollup at the spot, I seen her had to meet her I was at the bar, sippin` and I`m leanin` ...

Krayzie Bone f Niko

  • Street People

    (Krayzie) Dedicate this to all the niggas on the streets Niggas in the hood strugglin Doin what the fuck they gotta do to make their money And all the thugs, the hustlas, the gangstas, the playas, pimps Let`s roll, let`s roll (Ghetto love, ghetto love ...

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