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Big Syke

  • At Your Convenience

    *phone rings* [Syke]: What`s up baby?, what you doing? [Woman]: I`m just in the kitchen cooking you dinner [Syke]: Hey?, you know what?, I ain`t even gon` be able to make it I got to take care ah some business [Woman]: What, what the fuck is your pr...

Christion f Jay-Z

  • Streets is Watching soundtrack

    [Jay-Z] Christion.. listen Uhh, Jigga How easy is that? Lame mad cause the game that I, spat at his chick So I had to double back quick, and clap at his click Soon as the smoke cleared, I got back in his *bitch* Tell that man son, I ain`t your ave-rag...

Neneh Cherry

  • 7 seconds

    Boul ma sene, boul ma guiss madi re nga fokni mane
    Khamouma li neka thi sama souf ak thi guinaw
    Beugouma kouma khol oaldine yaw li neka si yaw
    mo ne si man, li ne si mane moye dilene diapale
    Roughneck and rudeness,

Silk f Foxy Brown, Time

  • Hooked On You (Trackmaster Remix)

    Intro: Trackmasters (Foxy Brown) Forever (What the deal?) Everything is lovely (Fox Brown baby) Trackmasters remix (Uh what) To the, to the, to the To the, to the, to the beat ya`ll Verse 1: Foxy Brown (Silk) *Trackmasters* Ooh poppa let me sex you F...

Busta Rhymes

  • A Quarter to Cutthroat

    Verse 1: charlie brown Bring one mc, two mc, three mc. Send any mcs. it doesnt matter to me. Sterp up like a thief in the night. No wins and I begin. my third eye is bright. Here to shine. light skies the limit on d.l.

C-Bo f Lunasice, Marvaless

  • Survival 1st

    (chorus) California`s the state, where punk niggas die. First thought be survival every mornin` when I rise. So many murders and homicides in front of my eyes. It`s just some ballin`-ass niggas down to die for the West Side.

Method Man f Ludacris

  • Rodeo

    [Intro: Method Man] Yeah... yeah (come on ride in my rodeo, come on ride in my rodeo) This one of another one of them nasty M-E-F joints, come on, come on Come on (come on ride in my rodeo, come on ride in my rodeo) [Method Man] To all the chicks with...

Bates, The

  • Feels like a fuck on the edge of the world

    Into the light
    shining so brightinto the blackdon`t break my neck
    out of the bluenot good for you
    into the dark
    feel like a shark


    Feels like a fuck on the edge of the world
    feels li...


  • 13 Years

    Woke up sweating in the sun Sprawled across my big brothers grave Shaking and drunk with sleep I crawled to my feet and walked up into the shade Of a young elm tree that must have been planted since the last we came Vicki, my...

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