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Smash (Смэш)

  • Don`t look back

    You want release But you relieve each moment Now he`s gone And he`s just gonna keep on going But I`m here and I`m staying I`m hoping and praying That you`ll leave that world behind Cause I want you to be all mine Don`t look back The past is just a ...

craig chaquico

  • native tongue

    From: fender@bbs-ce.uab.es (Nestor Sanz) Date: Fri Jan 19 17:09:33 1996 Subject: TAB: Native Tongue by Craig Chaquico Craig Chaquico: Native Tongue (New at Two) From The album Acous...

Трофим (Трофимов Сергей)

  • Алевтина

    На Коровинском шоссе
    Возле дома номер семь
    Cm G
    Колбасой торгует Алевтина.
    И что в профиль, что в анфас
    У неё такой каркас, что во мне

Юрий Киселев

  • Тридцать три оборота

    Стихи В.Друй

    В тридцать три оборота кружится ненастье

    Вверх по кругу, обратному ходу часов.

    Вяжем мы своим братьям на память и счастье

    Талисманы из легкого бисера...

Tina Arena

  • Aimer jusqu’а l’impossible

    Je n`ai connu qu`une histoire d`amour
    Au fil de ma vie
    Cet homme m`a promis les toujours
    Et puis s`est enfui

    C’est la couleur de l’enfer
    Quand les mensonges salissent tout
    J’aurai pu sombrer sous la col...

U-God f INF-Black, Letha Face

  • Here We Come

    [Intro: INF-Black] Gangster this and gangster that Half of ya`ll ain`t gangstas, so hold that *gun shot* Blaow! [U-God] I got a deathwish, my playlist is wreckless Almost famous but the natives gettin` restless Leave `em breathless, guess who popped u...

Bavu Blakes f Jade

  • Create & Hustle

    * send corrections to the typist (Jade) Issues get choosed, therefore I choose to digest issues Like all these wack mc`s that do all that wackin` Get all whacked up in the face if they keep up all this actin` I`ma bend you over tha old bones With thes...


  • (Hot Pool Of) Womanneed

    That happy updraft that wafts me hither. Spurned by man nor beast. Draws my love-a-bubblin` in there. Into that hot pool of Womanneed. Like the rud of two sticks wooden. This Womanneed is old as fire.

s club 7

  • Alive

    I still remember it was day number one
    We hit the ground and then we started to run
    Now we`re connected and I won`t turn around
    Cause you set me free, put my soul at ease

    I just can`t stop the feeling
    What y...

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